oh shit, 28's

Discussion in 'General' started by Hazed, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. Id be happy to roll up on ONE of those rims :D
  2. I cant stand Hummers, damn people hoggin the road.
  3. A kid in my school has 32's
    no joke
  4. darn, only a dime away.
  5. I like how the gas tank is on empty. get used to that
  6. why? if you can afford the hummer you can afford to keep it on full
  7. Hummers are the reason why we are running out of gas...
  8. hahaha, im sure it is dude..how many cars are in the world? its not just hummers.
  9. A nukka i know rolls on 30's.

    Nukka dosent go to my adult ed, Which is smack dab in the hood, But his girl does. His girl is way skinny and she aient that attractive. But she looks like a god damn model, She always super dressed up and jus looks like a model. But too skinny for me. But shes the biggest bitch in the world, Complete princess type but hoodrat aswell. She got a bitchy attitude and willing to fight bitchs and shit.

    Her mans rolls up in school, Nukka bumpin some deep bass. Which 9 outta 10 people got decent subs in they rides. This nukka rolls through with 6 15" rockford fosgates. Jus mad bumping.

    His clean as a mother fuck 30" rims on his suburban, Custom made to fit. Dub stickers all over it. Royal blue. Scream drug dealer. WHich he specializes in the coca caine bussiness. Which is obvious.
  10. Man I love hummers. We have thought and thought about getting one but we just can't justify buying one. I mean it is such a HUGE freaking truck. We've test drove them twice and man are they nice. They ride like a dream.

    If you buy one in VA Beach you are automatically signed up for this off road experience 4 times a year. You go to various places (from sand dunes to mountainous) just giving the hummer it's off road all. I can't tell you how many times I fantasized about doing this with 4 or 5 blades in there with my sober husband driving and a trainer. Man it is just so tempting but why does it have to be that freaking big!!!
  11. nobody knows how to use a hummer anymore, puttin' big rims on it candy paint subs and shit, you cant be investing all that money into something you sdhould take off roading
  12. Exactly.

    Its not being what its used for.

    Though if i think about it, No cars like that are.

    I love me a late 80's early 90's blazer of jimmy. Bumps and tinted windos and they bad ass.

    A early to mid 80's montle carlo, regal, cutlass supreme. Throw some 13" daytons on them or some 20"s. Fix up the body and engine, Throw some tint on it, Make sure ti runs good, Then you got a bad ass car. I'd throw a 350 in a 86 cutty because i did it before. Bumps. Jus sittin on 18's. Tinted windows and all. Boy was a beast, And bumped bad ass and looked mean. What else can i ask for.
  13. I think thats one bad ass whip....

    I'd love to hotbox that bitch, watch a DVD with that killer sound system.
  14. only cars that should be like that are the lincolns and devilles and cutlass, the bad ass cars.. then micro bus's should have a shag rug and a bong. and hummers are supposed to be beat up or in the shop from off roading

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