Oh Sh*t Son!

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  1. So two days ago I woke up and enjoyed some dank sativa-heavy weed. :hello: I was smokin' all day and 3 of my buddies came over in the evening after eating some shrooms. I smoked them up and they took off after a while (it was one of my friend's first time on shrooms and she wasn't feeling well). Later that night the two guys came back smoke me up with this nice herb. :smoke: Well, I was eating cranberries as my munchies food and... well... I ate way too many. >.<

    *pardon me if this gets disgusting from here*

    So I find myself sitting on the toilet with the runs, pants and underwear completely off... all of a sudden I feel myself get light headed. I close my laptop and set it down on the ground. Then I rest my elbows on my lap and put my head in my hands. The room starts to spin and wobble a bit. I'm overcome with nausea so I whip back the shower curtain and hang my head over the tub. I didn't puke, but it was a safety precaution. The spinning and wobbling got more intense. I couldn't figure out what was happening to me. In an attempt to stop the spinning, I fell to the ground, with only my shirt and my socks on. I proceeded to kick the door and call my friend's name followed by "HELP!"

    They come to the door, but I had locked it and I couldn't sit up to unlock it. Luckily my bathroom has two doors (one from my room, one from the hallway). They come in to find me laying on the ground, undergarments and pants strewn on the ground. I look up and ask them what the fuck is going on. They are still trippin' on shrooms a bit and they are stoned as shit, so they don't know what to do. They just leave me and go sit back on my couch, leaving me on the floor. I'm getting these cold sweats still and I have to do something. So I force myself up off the ground and go grab my box fan from my room and place it in the bathroom so I can finish my business. I plug it in and turn it on... but the fan doesn't turn on! I knew the GFCI had tripped and the reset button was in my roommates bathroom. So without thinking I jog over to my roommates room. This requires me to run past my buddies who are chillin' on my couch& watching TV, press the reset button, run back past my friends and continue my shit... all in just a shirt and socks.

    :hello: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! :hello:

    I finished up and went out to explain to my friends what had just happened. While I don't know what the fuck happened that night, it's a night I'm sure none of us will forget... but we'd all really like to.
  2. HAHAHAHAAHAHH that shit only happens when tripping people are around.... sucks being the victim of the universe trying to confuse the fuck outta them huh man
  3. This same thing happened to a girl at a party my homegirl was having, this girl that we didnt really know was there and shwasted. But apparently she wasnt as coordinated , it basically ended in the walls and floor covered in shit and vomit, and the bathroom being sealed off for the night. Then some other dumbass girl called an ambulance cuz she thought her friend had alchohol posioning. crazy night
  4. Damn. That's rough!

    I don't know what happened that night, but I hope it NEVER happens to me again!

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