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Oh No...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MVP 420, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Ok so I been smoking since I was 13, well I'm 20 now and today was the first time I didn't get high smoking a blunt of reggie, I mean nothing... is it because I have been smoking nothing but kush for the past 2 months? should I take a break? maybe 2 blunts of reggie would do me fine... =\ idk kush is starting to really add up
  2. take a tbreak patna.

    or get some stronger weed.

    either way.. both will be good.
  3. take a tolerance break and keep smoking that wonderful KUSH!
  4. I reckon - have a week or 2 off, then go back but to weaker stuff...then when you get something strong again it'll blow your head off!

  5. not a bad idea..

    but id rather just go get my dank shiznitt. lol.

    strongly debatin about purchasin a hash bell W/ti skillet..

    then when its time for the tbreak comeback..

    get helllla high from concentrates..
  6. Hash is strong as hell right? I heard of it and seen it before but never smoked it and never had a dealer who sold it... is it natural? same with butter or whatever the hell they call it

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