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  1. Hey it's me AGAIN... check this out.. my plant has been doing good n growing fine, but im really not understanding what u guys talk about when it comes to light.. so far my plant has been under 24hr light,, i have been using a 125v 75wt light bulb, the same kinda light as u put in ur bathroom or anywhere else in ur house.. and also i had some other lights i thought were Floresents, but there not,, they were pushing 15wt and theey were SOFT WHITE.. here is a Picture of them

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  2. im so confused, what should i do?? after readin all the post about lights i figured i didnt have the correct lights untill i came acoss this in my loft... CAN U TELL ME IF THIS IS GOOD ENOUGH FOR 1 PLANT? OR DO I NEED MORE?? OR is this even the correct light??? if its not, what should i use to Hold my plant over untill i get the money to get the correct lights?

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  3. thay is a florecent light it a grow lux its only 20watt so u will need about 2 more maybe 3 when it comes time to flower use hps like i said in the other post sid and some of the other guys here can help u to
  4. THANK YO SO MUCH,,, THE HELP WAS NEEDED AND APPRECIATED!!!! IM GLAD TO KNOW THE LIGHT I HAVE NOW IS ok FOR THE TIME BEING... thanks again.. ill keep u posted... Should i put foil around the box to make it brighter?
  5. If you use foil make sure to use the dull side, the shiny side causes "hot spots" on the plant...I don't recommended using foil since mylar or flat white paint is twice as reflective.
  6. so i need 2 or 3 more of those 20w gro-flux, so how long will the light i have now, hold my plant over for untill i get new lights? is that one good enough for a nother week? i have those other soft white lights for it.,. get back at me
  7. yeah i would say u need a few more lights maybe get 2 or 3 more florecent lights if u dont have much room make sure each light is the 20 watt ones there short tubes and cheap to by them with the fixtur if ur only growing one plant i think 80watts should be enough but u would be much better off with hps with the hps u'll have alot more buds and i think ur plant will hold out for a week or so but u should ask someone else here about that im not tottaly sure
  8. thanks for the input... ok check this out... what if i left the floros in untill the plant got the size i want it.. then switch them to Hps and have her get light from that for a wile, then start the 12/12 for flowering?
  9. i have 2 female plants in flowering now altogether they have been in flowering for about a month under hps and looking real good how i started them was 4 plants under 120watts of flo's 40watt tubes i had them under the flo's for 20on/4off for 42 day then i bought an hps and got rid off the males now have 2 nice females that r 69 days old 1 is 4feet tall and the other is 3 and they got buds now and yeah get some more tube's use the tube's till whenever u want to put them under the hps
  10. hell yea, just what i wanted to hear!! now it seems to easy. thanks again, im gonna keep everyone that helped posted with pics.. but there is 1 question no 1 answerd for me... what type of food should i get for it? and how often should i feed her? peace
  11. im not realy sure on that one i started mine with 10-15-10 skulchs plant food but i used to much and burnt them with it my new babbies that r 16 days old arnt getting any of that till there 20 or 25 days old and i have another fert that im useing for flowering its called plant prod 10-52-10 it's been working but there not the best ferts i've heard of other stuff like super thrive,and something called top shooter i know there better than what i got
  12. those ferts are o.k......i use a 10-10-10 @ 1/4 strength after approx 10 days but it's not usually done before 20 days.....and then a flowering fert high in phosphorus......ie a 10-50-10 or something similar.........Peace out.....Sid
  13. ...put the lights back in the closet where you found em and grow outside. Your better off.
    Different lights put out different spectrums of light. flor. lights are ok but not really enough to flower a plant. Hence, no Big Bunk. I predict you'll only get about 1/4 ounce with 20 watts.
    Buy a grow light. The most economical light for you would be a 175w Metal Halide lamp. Metal Halide is the type of bulb. A seasoned grower could harvest 2 ounces per plant with 175w.
    However, the ballast(housing) is pretty big about 1ft high, 3ft long, and 1ft wide. I get the feeling your growing in a cramped space or a shady spot so it might not be ideal.
  14. ...organic fertz are the best 10-10-10
  15. man i would grow it outside but where i live, you just cant do that... If u kinow what i mean... the space i have the plant growing now is plenty of space , "i think" .. if it is not ill get a bigger box., i showed a picture of my SETUP on a post check it out.. i know i need more light but i have to wait a few days till payday. Im sure thats all it needs is more and more light.. if i get 3 more 20w gro-flux lights ill be straight, thats 80w all together for 1 plant, all im tryin to grow.. this is my 1st time so im testing shit out ya know...thanks for the info..
  16. Also, after the Floro lights get the plant to the size i want... im gonna switch lighting and get a HPS light for the flowring stage of 12/12.
  17. Ok, here's the deal. I grow with flouros and have Very good results. This is what I use:

    1 Lights of America "FloreX" compact flood light. $30=7,000 lumens.
    2 GE Chroma 50's. $12 for both=1,400 lumens
    1 Lights of America compact flouro bulb. $8=1,700 lumens.

    Botanicare "Pure Blend Pro" 1.5-4-5
    Fox Farm " Big Bloom" 0.01-0.3-0.7
    I mix them together and they work GREAT!!!

    So, all together I have 10,100 lumens on 1 female in a 2x2x5 space lined with mylar. I got almost 3 1/2 ozs. out of my last grow and am expecting a little more than that this time around.

    I hope this will be able to help you a bit. HPS are the best way to go if you don't mind spending the $'s. You will get bigger, more compact buds. But I grow so I dont' have to buy, so 3-4 ozs. of pretty potent bud every 3 months is fine for me. GOOD LUCK!!!!!
  18. damn hell yea.. thanks for all that help. i wrote down all that info to take with me to the garden store on thurs.. that size ir growing it in is kinda the same size as mine.. thanks again!
  19. oh yea, are these lights all floro bulbs? or floro tubes? or does it even matter?
    do u have a picture of ur set-up ? i wanna see how u did everything.. u can tell my set-up is amature
  20. well dude, from what i read so far, u may want to just like... put them on a window seal or maybe on the outside ledge on a nice warm sunny day... just for that day, till u get more lights. Im gonna grow with 5 floro's... flowering and all, just because i cant afford metal hylide and all that, so i say make due with what u have till u get more. Floro's are like 20-40 bucks depending what kind of bulb and light u get. im gonna put one on each side of the plants and one compact on top... that way every bit of the plant gets light... not just the top half. Even with an HPS light above ur plants, the bottom halfs aren't getting much light when flowering bbecause their so bushy in the middle... most of the time anyway.

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