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  1. My best toking buddy just came to see me from out of city and he took a look at my plants growing. Getting the glass out and he looked to see if I had sexed them right. Well all of my plants are females. and one that i pulled thinking it was male was female So I replanted it nd hope it takes. Probably not. So the six unsures I have are all females. That gives me 10 females and 22 males that I pulled. Not bad and I got 6 more seedlings just through the ground.
  2. Hey APalmer -
    Just wondering but that seems like a way off ratio of male to female. (10 to 22) In the plant world it is usually very balanced. (10 to 10) or (50 to 50) Give or take a few either way. To have twice as many male plants as female plant is either really bad luck or you are not very clear with what you are looking at when you are sexing. You are growing outdoor pot so my question would be in what part of the world are you. Daylight cycles right now in the northern hemisphere would make it hard to sex plants unless you had changed the light cycle they are living in..... Tell me more and I will try help with sexing. (several good posts about it here in the forums that I assume you have read from the info you are posting) If you grew from seeds you should be about 50% of each sex.

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  4. No I started out with 60 seedlings so 10 females. 35 were just bagseeds and the other were ordered seeds. I have 10 females. I know someone right now that has 6 females and only had 2 or 3 males. I know what I am looking for. A females has little white hairs on the 2nd or 3rd noid from the top in the crutch of the stem. and a male has to little balls no white hairs. Fly showed me pics fpr what to look for and I got the mag glass out to make sure I could see. Thanks for your world of doubt. Like I don't doubt myself enough.
  5. Not releasing my country or Cities. My people very strict about drugs. This could get me punished severely. I wish I could live in he country of freedom. My village has many growers but the authorities will shoot you if they catch you cultivating or they will steal your shit and beat you to a pulp.
    My plants are 20 miles from me and 7 of those miles are uphill hiking. The vegetation is thick and they are well camoflauged . If they make it i'll be happy. If I bring it to harvest I can sell an ounce for 225. (US dollars) , However I am not selling any of it because I am tried of chasing it down and paying black market pricies for such a small amount.
  6. Yet in another thread, you were quite happy to disclose your full name.. seems strange to me. Smoke ahoy people... smoke ahoy!

  7. since when do you have a set 50%? its all based on genetics... not all plants are gonna be female... and not all are gonna be male... its just luck... thats why people need to use clones :)
  8. It is totally luck. So far this year I have 1 male and 5 females. But still 6 yet to show.
  9. 50% doesnt suggest theyre all going to be male or theyre all going to be female. its the general ratio, as in a half not 100% but 50%
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