Oh my God, I'm such an idiot stoner

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by anonymous911, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Last night was the first time I had smoked in a little over 2 weeks and I got FUUUUUCKED up. Usually around where I am it is almost impossible to find anything above high mids, but last night my buddy T picked up some dank and we smoked 4 bowls in my car, grabbed some Micky D's and came back to my dorm room where my roommate (ex-stoner) and girlfriend (straight-edge) were playing video games.

    T and I sit down and start up my PS2 and make some food. I get out a package of ramen noodles and T says "Can I have a bowl of ramen too?"

    So me, stoneder than I've been in a long time, procede to take out my snowman pipe and pack a bowl full of ramen noodles :hello:

    I hand it to T and he's like WTF :confused:

    Gotta love t-breaks :smoking:
  2. ahaha, that was pretty funny
  3. Lol you gotta be kiddin me.

    What'd they do lol?
  4. My roommate and his gf? I don't think they really noticed since our room is kinda divided in 2
  5. mc d's a nd roman TIIIIGHT
  6. Haha now your piece will forever have a noodley taste.
  7. i wish i could get that high
  8. LOL props +rep.
  9. shit u packed a pipe full of ramen noodles? lemme get some of that chronic
  10. My buddy just texted me and said he FINALLY emptied the ramen bowl cause he thought it was too damn funny

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