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  1. Okay, so set the grow cab back up today and started germinating two seeds (in only keeping one.) One is Mozambique poison(reg) and one is silver purp(reg)
    6 gallon self watering container, 250w mh/hps, cab is 5ft high x 3ft wide x 2ft deep

    Soil mix consist of...
    Canadian spagnhum peat moss
    Kelp meal
    Alfalfa pellets
    Blood meal
    Bone meal
    Garden compost
    Mushroom compost
    Earthworm castings
    Granite dust
    Native soil
    Horse manure
    Chicken manure
    All manure is composted

    Top dressed my container with Kelp/alfalfa/ewc and watered in a little big bloom today
    Checking on temps to check if more fans and vents are needed. One seed is cracking the other hasn't started yet

    Get ready:) pics on the way
  2. [​IMG]
    Set up so far.
  3. what kind of lighting are you using? startin in a 6 gal pot?... be careful waterin that big pot...dont wanna over do it
  4. I'm starting in marigold starter cubes, the pot is just filled and being treated with teas

    Currently 250w mh switching to 250w hps and I have 2 150w hpss to use if needed
  5. Update, I grabbed the wrong seeds from my stash so these are two random plants. Sprout pics coming in a few
  6. Oooops, done that!
    I got some killer 'I don't know' once, never did figure out what it was, but I played with it for four years...
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    It's all good, its all good beans in the stash, they were both tiger striped.. its between lemon mush, hashplant haze, jack herer and herijuana..there's a few other bagseed in there but it was all from some really dank
  8. My seedlings are strong as shit, misted with a diluted tea today and sat in my windowsill while I'm at work for that free light
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    The new compost pile and my temps in the cab maintaining below 80

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  10. Chopped down the mini veggie garden and threw in the heap
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Day 6 seedlings pics
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    off to a good start man, check my grows in my sig
  12. Picked up a little espoma bio tone with mychorrizae today
  13. Day 12 pics coming soon, stuck at work for the time being, got a little strectching with the first seedlings started but the second one is short stocky and fuckin beefy... Still not ready to start tying down but just seeing the second and third leaf set on the taller one.. been juicing with very very diluted teas
  14. check my journal man...i just made the 100% FEMALE diagnosis :D

  15. Nice! What's the strain
  16. Didn't read it was bagseed, even better more power to ya
  17. we dont know, but me and the two others that are growing it have named it "TRIX" because they get a super lemony/fruity smell even before flowering. Definately the most vigerous strain weve had, the original giver of the seeds cant remember now where he got them from so the strain is a mystery.

    My seeds were actually bagseed from the first person to recieve these seeds, so im actually one generation on down the line from the original.

    TRIX, it's not for kids :D

    from the scale the other two grow at, anyone around knoxville TN has probably had some of their "trix" xD
  18. Okay well, first update in a long while. Seeing big results since I switched to my 6gallons.. unfortunately one (i think the silver purp) was a male. So I snatched him up and still haven't shown sex on the larger one
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Because of limited space I'm tying down everything, topped it once yesterday and supercropped a few times.. also tying those down.
  20. In just a few days she has started to amaze me =)

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