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OH MAN what do i do?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Cannabis Dave, May 7, 2006.

  1. i caught my son smoking weed but he doeasnt know that i know!

    what do i do? should i ground him or something? he might just want to smoke with me cause he might know i smoke, should i ask him to smoke?

    weird, thanks guys
  2. How old is he? This is a deciding factor.

    Teach him responsible use.
  3. I'd say that you know he's doing it, I dunno If I'd want to tell him I smoked yet, I wouldn't want him to get cocky about it. I know the fact that I was always fearful of my parents finding out always made me more careful.
  4. Is he doing well in school? Just try to teach responsible use..
  5. dude that's awesome. smoke with him, it will bring you guys so much closer!
  6. well when i was 14 my dad thought i smoked, he smoked, so he sat me down and said wanna hgith this and he knew my grades were good and everything and it kinda got us closer in away.
  7. you should fuckin play games with him.. like when hes at school or something.. put like a littel nug or something somewhere where he would see it easily in his room.. like his bed or desk or something and see if he freaks when he gets home and sees that he left out a nug.. then we you know hes found it and hes like about to put it away or something.. you should walk in the room and just like start talking to him about his day and stuff like that.. and then end up asking him why he has weed in his hand then act like you getting mad... then just be like "im just messing with you.. lets go smoke that nug :) " i think that would be fuckin sweet.. you should video tape it and show us too!!!
  8. kind've interesting that not a single person has said that he should not smoke with his kid. i think that only you (op) can decide if your son is mature enough to handle smoking. We don't know you or your kid, best of luck! :)
  9. this is verty true
  10. Ya dude.... I know for a fact my stepdad smoked when I was 15, but he never talked about it with me.

    If he's mature, and he keeps good grades (above 70's), then go and tell him you caught him smoking, and tell him that smoking is something you should do responcibly, talk over the risks (legalities)...

    Explain to him that if he gets caught by the police in his couse, YOU will get in trouble.

    Ask how much he spends on it and how much he smokes... Tell him to keep it out of the house if your wife doesnt approve, or if you have other younger children.

    Of course, you guys could always start buying weed in bulk togethor.... Its much cheaper!
  11. Being a father I've thought about this topic alot in my head.

    Personally, I think that if you did your job right (parenting) and have raised a good

    kid then i don't see why smoking with your son would be a problem.

    If you're not sure whether or not you raised a responsible son then i wouldn't

    try it.

    I guess it's gonna have to be your call. If your gonna smoke with him to try and

    get closer to him don't just do it a couple times. Make it like a father son time.

    take him fishin and burn a blunt.
  12. I don't mean to trivialize this thread or anything, but as soon as I read the first post I started laughing. I was expecting another 'I got busted by my 'rents' thread. I never expected to see it from the other side, it's just kind of weird I guess. I don't know, I'm high right now and I know it would be awesome if my dad smoked with me, I know he did in college, but he doesn't now.
  13. I, being the mom of a teen I smoke with, have to agree with lungbuster.
    It would be your call, since this is your child. In my case I was honest and open and MY son when I found his stash.(at 16) I did not want to ground him and lecture and be a hyporite BUT I also did not want to ignore it and address the issue or act like "oh cool a smoke buddy!" and jump right into sharing nugs. You still have to be a parent. My son is now 18, a responsible smoker with his own connections and scene, and we occasionally smoke together. Use your own dicresion with this one, for example,you dont want an excited,immature 15 yo telling all his buddies, who in turn may mention to others who are not so cool with it, ya know?
  14. Get him blazed. He'll love you for it.
  15. I think that you should wake him up with a bong and yell, "WAKE AND BAKE!"

  16. That would probably freak him out more than anything. He'd be thinking to
    himself, "Am I in trouble and dad's just trying to set me up, or is this the best
    day of my life?" Especially if he's not fully awake.
  17. You have to consider that he may not be comfortable smoking with you *yet*. It depends how close you are with him etc. I'd try approaching him about it, make it clear you're ok with it from word one, because otherwise he will get nervous. Tell him that its a pastime you enjoy also, and if he wants to, he can smoke a bowl with you. I mean, I know I loved smoking with my mom, and I was even the instigator of that situation, but everyone is different. You know your son best :) good luck
  18. hippiemom is right, 15 year old kids are very susceptible to running their mouths about things, and no good can come of that. i would say definitely approach the issue with him (let him know you're not exactly the DEA), but as far as smoking with him, wait a few years
  19. depends. you live in vermont? smoking pot up is like starbucks coffee up there.

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