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Discussion in 'General' started by preciseknife, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. the crazyiest shit just happened to me. i was laying down on my back on my couch watching X games for maybe half and hour to 45 minutes. in front of my couch is a table about shin high. i was getting tired and decided to get up and go to my room. anyway i stand up and stretch, sort of arching my back and cracking it at the same time. i get the accustomed head rush that comes with standing up after a period of laying down. i close my eyes and just think random thoughts for what i believe is like ten seconds. then all of a sudden my body doesnt seem right. i have trouble moving it and my eyes wont open right away. my body doesnt react as though it was standing up anymore. almost like im not in the same position. my body is fighting gravity in a different way then i recall ten seconds ago. as soon as my eyes are able to open i realize that i had fallen over my table knocking shit over and i lie horizontally across it and partially on the floor. i COULDNT believe that i fell. i apperently made a crash and woke up my mom, who was afraid when i told her i fell. i was kinda of hurt, but no more than a bruise. but i was astonished. this has never happened before. at first i was in sorta of a shock. my brain is not used to switching frames of reference so quickly while my eyes are closed. i wondered if this is something i should worry about. at first i thought i had a seizure or something. i have taken ecstasy quite a few times and i know that it can build in your back, and that their have been cases where people crack their backs and feel a little bit of it enter their bloodstream. but this has never happened before. has anyone ever done this or know why it happened?
  2. Vertigo? Weird stuff happens when you're intoxicated and close your eyes.
  3. I've had things like that happen to me when I went to stand up.

    There's probably nothing wrong, you just stood up too quickly and since you stretched right after that also sometimes gives you more nausea.

    Hope I helped.
  4. No drugs ever build in your spinal fluid. Check out Erowid.com
    But the fall is most likely from your blood pressure changing so rapidly.
  5. Yea that has happened to me before, minus the table. I just hit the floor real hard.

    In retrospect it was kinda cool...

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