Oh ho ho, I got lucky.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by JuniorCain, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. So, I got paid for the first time today, I worked twice and earned myself a $60 pay check... guess what I spent it on... haha, anyway. I stopped at my regular guys house and he wasn't home, so I called this chick that I know. She said her guy had some mids for $30 an eighth, but it wasn't the best, but definately not the worst. I told her if nothing worked out, I'd give her a call. Boy am I happy I gave her a call. She said that she forgot to tell me that her guy had some strain that had been in High Times and it was $50 an eighth. I said, sounds good. So, I pick it up and look at it.... It's covered in crystals and little brown and red hairs. I call her back to see if she found out the strain name.... SWEET TOOTH! Oh man, I'm going to smoke it up in a little bit. It's the first time I've had real KB. Just thought I'd share. It won the Cannabis Cup a couple years ago. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannabis_Cup

    Just thought I'd share on account that I'm really fucking excited.

    Toke on, my friends. :D
  2. where are the pics
  3. Sorry man :( shitty camera, I can try, but they're super blurry. I guess there's not much proof w/o them unless you take my word for it.

    Anybody have suggestions on how to get the crystals and hair to show up on a bud shot? 3.1 MP Kodak Easyshare camera. Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Try using the macro feature, if your camera has one.

    Good Job on the score! Im tokin on some High Mid's right now. It was free... so its all good.
  5. So funny how excited you got over the strain name hr hr...
  6. nice man i wanna try sweet tooth..

    btw kb is ushally referd to beasters just for future refrence .. cal lthat shit DANK!!! hahah nice snag bro toke up
  7. No, KindBud is not refered to as beasters. Beasters are high mids, usually stuff that looks dank, yet has a few beans in it. Kind Bud is the creme de la creme. Around here we have Schwag, Mids, Beasters, GreenBud (GB), Dank/KB.

  8. eh, different meanings in different parts of the world. :smoke:

    and JuniorCain, sounds fucking awsome man! if you have anymore cash available you should stock up! :smoking:
  9. yep, its different where jim and i are from. Here, Kb isnt dank, and ive never EVER seen beasters with seeds in them...i guess i would classify them as high mids to dank (get dank beasters every once in a while)

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