Oh fuck, you're gonna love this

Discussion in 'General' started by InferiorWang, Aug 14, 2003.

  1. I found it on another board but now I'm proud to present...

    Top ten times in history when using the F word was appropriate.

    10. -Noah 4,314 BC
    "Scattered fucking showers my ass!"

    9. -Pythagoras 126 BC
    "How the fuck did you work that out!"

    8. -Michaelangelo, 1566
    "You want what on the fucking ceiling!"

    7. -General Custer, 1877
    "Where did all those fucking indians come from?"

    6. -Pablo Picasso, 1926
    "It does so fucking look like her!"

    5. -Amelia Earhart, 1937
    "Where the fuck are we?"

    4. - Albert Einstein, 1938
    "Any fucking idiot could understand that!"

    3. -Mayor of Hiroshima, 1945
    "What the fuck was that!"

    2. -John F Kennedy, 1963
    "I need this parade like I need a fucking hole in the head!"

    1. -Bill Clinton, 1997
    "Aw c'mon, who the fuck is going to find out?"
  2. lmao...specially at the last one..:p
  3. I like the one with Pythagoras, "How the fuck did you work that out?" I guess it's cuz I'm a math person and I know so many people who still can't seem to remember and be able to apply the Pythagorean Theorum.
  4. hA Those are good!
  5. -Michaelangelo, 1566
    "You want what on the fucking ceiling!"

    i like this one...i am an artist and i know what it is like having to work on commission...i would have said the same thing!
  6. I like #3... I would've said the same thing.
  7. haha nice
  8. #3 is my favorite. :D
  9. a squared plus b squared equals c squared, its to find the hypnenuse(sp) of a right triangle......damn i just surprised myself i thought i forgot that kind of stuff, who'd of thought hmmm
  10. Cool have you heard that Monty Python wav? Its pretty funny and true also!
  11. Hypotenuse.

    And do you mean the F-Word wav? I'm pretty sure that's not by Monty Python. It doesn't sound like any of the pythons.
  12. yep, thats good stuff!!! whered ya get that?
  13. i think the kennedy one, though mean, is still hysterical.......
  14. That Usage of the Word Fuck thing is pretty funny. I think I first downloaded that .wav in 7th grade (7 years ago). Like 3 years ago I found it in mp3. Same great quality, a tenth of the hard drive space.

  15. yeah, me too.
  16. inferior....do you go to ut?

    if so i just moved in up here
    we should def. hang and smoke
  17. Darth Vader, in responce to Jesus of Nazareth: "I am your fucking father."
  18. pythagorean theorum is also used in trigonometry..

    in short, nice thread. my favorite is number 9
  19. Heh, not bad. Pretty amusing.

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