OGH - Alaskan Ice and White Widow pics

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  1. Hey gang, hope everyone is as baked as I am :smoke: Shot some pics of what I'm playing with currently, hope you enjoy and maybe it gets my green bars a rockin ;)

    Ok, first off is a group shot, 3oz. of Alaskan Ice on about a 2 week cure right now:

    [​IMG]A bit closer for some detail:

    And the closet my POS camera can get....BTW this AI is some sticky ass, smelly, STICKY, heavy stuff....the flavor is unreal! :D

    Here's my little dry sift box just for my Alaskan Ice...with my little ehle steamroller that is sooo perfect for keif topped hits:

    Here is the reward...what it's all about to me:hello: Heavy Duty dry sift!!

    So, bottom line, loving the AI...just freaking dreamy stuff.

    Now, here is 3oz of my White Widow:

    And a close up :smoke: I love my Widow...the buzz fits me perfectly...like old shoes!

    Here's the dry sift box I use for my Widow:

    And finally the pile of keif I just can't keep my hands out of...love it! :eek:

    Hope you had as much fun looking as I do smoking it! PEace!

  2. Ok, figured my post had a smell to it...so I have showered and feel fresh! :hello:

    Now we can cuddle? GEt some bud love goin? :yay:

    Peace - OGH
  3. Mmmm, I just had those photos for breakfast, yummers! :D

    Very tasty looking buds man. Enjoy! :hello::smoke:
  4. Thanks sweetness! Thats the cuddling I was needing, was feeling unloved! Appreciate the kindness :wave:

    Peace - OGH
  5. damn nice mr greyhair. That keif makes me owe so jealous not to mention that AI, even with your crappy camera it looks dank as hell. Enjoy that wonderful smoke my friend. +rep
  6. Dude those buds rock!
    Question: I am also growing some AL and WW, am wondering how tall they get?
    Was this in soill or hydro?
    If you don't mind how long did you have to veg and flower for?
    Good job on the grow!!
  7. white widow is one of my favorite strains, they look great
  8. haha im guessing you love the widow because the AI is WWxHaze

    sorry im sure you knew that :rolleyes:

    everything looks great, im actully growing WW right now thanks for a sneak peak! :D
  9. The_Joker - Thanks man, really appreciate it, the keif is sooo much fun at night with a good movie :smoking:

    Squarepusher45 - Thanks! Both were done hydro, with the WW being in waterfarm style top drip buckets, and the AI being in a bubble bucket. The widows seem to finish about 3' for me with no veg time....rooted clone straight into flower.

    The AI was grown 12/12 from seed and finished just under 6' tall....hella stretch sativa monsters. I'm got some clones going now and will attempt to keep them smaller as I must keep this strain around.

    NYC Diesel - thanks, WW is definitely on my list of keepers as well..always smooth and doesn't seem to build up any crazy tolerances or anything.

    mattwood1011 - appreciate the cross info, I actually didn't know. I simply impulse buy when I seed shop, grow them out and decide if they rock or not. AI rocks but can be a tall lanky pain in the ass...but worth the ride for sure.

    PEace - OGH

  10. yeah its one of the reasons i didnt get AI is because of the stretch and yeah its a WW haze cross. truely brilliant if you ask me
  11. Ok maybe this is a silly question. But why do you shake all the resin off? I mean, I know the obvious reasons, but hows the bud after youdo that?

    If you have a minute It's be cool to get some insight into this.
  12. No, no, I don't screen all the resin off. I use those screen trays to break up buds for rolling/bowls etc. After a bit of time they build up a nice collection of keif(sp).

    Now, I have sat there stone cold sober, and rubbed a single bud for all it's worth over the screen....but as soon as you break open the bud, tons more crystals :D Noticed no difference in the bud other than looks....still got me toasty as can be.

    I use one of the boxes for AI, and I have a separate one for WW.

    Whats nice is I can take all my dried trim from harvest time, make a quick one run bubble hash batch, dry it out again, then dry screen it and get another couple grams of keif, then do a QWISO run with whats left. That way I get all the bang for my buck and I'm always supplied with quality, keif, bubble, and qwiso.

    I'd definitely recommend grabbing one of those boxes...they come in very handy and the treat they give you is unreal.

    PEace - OGH
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    hey ogh
    i was wondering where i can find one of those boxes they look awesome. i would try to find it my self but i am not sure of the exact name of it lol.

    edit: never mind i found it i just typed keif box in google and found them.. should of thought of that sooner lol
  14. Wicca boxes

    Here's one
    And another.
    The best!

    I also have one of these, they're great!

    Stay green :smoking:
  15. Old Gray Hair,

    I know this is off topic for this thread...but you posted a pic of a mini SCROG grow with a screen you bought at Lowes on a thread I saw a while back and I was wondering if you could tell me when you flip to 12/12 with that setup? Do you flip as soon as the plant hits the screen and train through the stretch or do you train and fill the screen and then flip to 12/12??

    And your harvest and kief looks absolutely fantastic!
  16. I don't have a true veg area, simply a modified dresser I use for 24/0 light for rooting clones and seedlings. It only has 110 watts of CFL. I try to leave the rooted clones in there until the hit about 4-5" tall.

    For any that I use that scrog you mention, 99% of the time they aren't even at the screen height yet when they are flipped. This works fine with WW, Alaskan Ice, Doublegum...due to stretch....but did not work so well with my Blue Cheese as they stayed very short and stocky with minimal stretch.

    Hope that helps a bit - OGh
  17. Yes....that is very helpful....I made a big old SCROG screen that I am dying to use but on my next grow (due to wanting to shorten the grow cycle for a pending family visit and wanting to get a little experience with the SCROG method) I bought the same mini scrog screen you have and am going to try that out first.

    Since it is such a small screen area I was worried about vegging too long....I will try it just as you say and flip as soon as they get close to the screen and train throughout the stretch.....thanks a lot.
  18. I've been staring at your AI pics for days. My tiny little seedling is almost ready for the bubble bucket. It's my first grow, and I've had some trouble finding pics of this strain. Thanks alot man! If you're around here alot, I may have a question of two for ya before it's over.
  19. I'm back....been a rough couple of months! cya all soon!

    Peace - OGH
  20. Jesus man those buds are premo, and i mean premo! Bravo

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