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OG Kush San Francisco Pick-Up

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by charlesss, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. this is some lovely bud

    $55 for an eighth at a local medical club dispensary

  2. <-- is jealous
  3. Looks like mine, nice.
  4. excellent bud.

  5. lol nice try i dont think Dispensaries use gram bags from rite aid
  6. I threw the pill bottle away because I hate pills now.
  7. Are you doubting the validity of the origin of my weed? lol

  8. u jealous bro?
  9. cali and ogkush
  10. jealous!!!! :(
  11. nice frosty buds, one of my favorite strains.
  12. probably, thanks for keeping the thread alive, i'll update it with more club cops that i get from em and post em up later.
  13. must've been an unlucky pick up....

    just got caught by the police smoking in an alleyway cut

    they consfiscated 2 grams of weed and proceeded to destroy it with their feet (sad) but at least they gave the pipe back to me

    also one of the cops was like "is he always like this?"

    wtf does that supposed to mean? :mad::eek:
  14. Actually plenty of dispensaries out here use regular bags like that. :D Some nice OG by the way, what collective is it from?
  15. i'm not sure what collective is it from, what do you mean?

  16. Did they cops know you had a card?
  17. ohh yeah...

    now this stuff startin to look familiar!


    frosty pick up bruh.

    reminds me of some frosty pack pick ups.

    enjoy my friend!
  18. frostyyyyyy. niiiiice!
  19. no actually, i don't have a medical cannabis card.

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