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  1. Its day 28 from seed to now and just wondering when to cycle to flower? Last 4 days been using the pure blend pro "grow" during watering. I topped this plant from pics about a week ago. I also trimmed some big fan leaves from bottom that were huge and covering alot of leaves. I did top both plants once. let me know what to do. First grow and nervous everyday what to do. Thanks!
  2. Fix your pics bro. When to switch to flower, i did mine when they hit the right height for me to manage. Remember the plants with double in size when you start budding, so pay attention to your light, canopy, and especially the distance between the two.
    I actually didn't expect some of mine to get so big, i knew they'd double, but a few tripled it seemed, had to put some outdoors to finish. .

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  3. fucking zero clue how to upload pics so you can all see them...just did what the thing said and thats its...
  4. maybe this will work?

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