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  1. Hi everyone! I will start off by saying I have never grown before, and I've never even smoked before lol (straight edge kid). So I'm very inexperienced haha. Fully support ya'll 100% though. My dad is an old stoner so I wanted to buy him seeds for his birthday. He had plants last year, but they never flowered. They were over 5 ft. tall though. After doing some research, I realized he just had them outside and never messed with lighting. Anyway, I have no idea about strains, but I know he wants to relax so I asked a friend, and she recommended OG kush. Got 5 seeds, germinated them, and planted them. All sprouted but 1 so I gave my dad 4 and kept the last one. Eventually it sprouted, and I planned on giving it to him, but then we got quarantined and yeah. Now I'm trying to care for this plant.

    She's about 7 weeks old, I think? Probably a foot tall. I'm guessing she might be behind because I didn't have lights for the first few weeks except from the window. She's in Miracle Gro Indoor Potting Mix (I planted her before reading all the controversy about Miracle Gro). I only use tap water like once or twice a week. I got the LED lights on Amazon. 150 watt I think? I'm also using them for growing catnip lol. I can't attach lighting to the ceiling since we rent our house. I'm not really interested in investing in fancy equipment because I'm probably only going to grow this one plant.

    I just want to know if this simple method will be ok for my plant. She seems healthy, I think. No yellowing or anything. Might look a little yellow in the pics, but that's just the lighting. Smells earthy and a little like pine. I actually like it! I don't need to have giant yields or whatever. I just want to get some buds to give to my dad and have a pretty plant to look at while doing so. Do you guys think she's looking ok so far? I appreciate any input :)
    20200404_120606.jpg 20200404_120614.jpg 20200404_120649.jpg
  2. Oh man, you are a god among men.

    Hopefully my son grows weed for me someday, man that would be the American Dream hahahahaha.

    Anyhow, just wanted to say that your plant looks extremely healthy and you’ll notice since she’s growing so well that you’re going to need to transplant her into a bigger pot.

    she will let you know though if you want to wait for that time ;)
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  3. 7 weeks and a foot tall ...? yeah you maybe right ...lol
  4. Hahaha thanks so much! My dad sacrificed a lot for me (classic immigrant parent story) so this is the least I can do for him :) Good to know the plant looks healthy! I'm not sure how big the pot is that she's in right now, but I've read 5 gallon is a good size
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  5. Yeah I would have gotten lights sooner, but I wasn't planning on adopting her lol. Now that I have some, and the weather is getting better, she grows more every day
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