OG Kush day 4 flowering. Leaf Diagnosis Help!

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  1. Hey all! Here are my girls. Miracle Gro soil. They veg for 6 weeks and are now in day 4 of flowering under 4 32 watt cfl 4' bulbs. They look very healthy but I have lower leaves like the ones below. Only a couple look this way and they eventually fall off.

  2. Healthy top leaves

  3. A small amount of the lower leaves look this way.



  4. Mine always does that shit, like The top will be fine but the bottom starts to turn yellow then the lower leaf dies. No idea how to fix this.:confused:
  5. Exactly! Seems fine but I am puzzled as to why
  6. Do you have a ppm meter? If not go get one. It will help you find out if you over feeding. Most, if not all flowering plants will die from bottom up as they mature. That is why you see leaves change in the fall. Now, it's a bit early in your case with the leaves falling off so I'm going to to say you need to check your feeding schedule and possible cut back. But you should be feeding your bloom nutrients by now. Its also good to do it last week of vegetive to prepare them for this change to flowering. Good luck, that's the best I got. :)
  7. You could also try a little cal mag too. If your not already using it. I like to use it rarely but it seems to balance out everything or I like to think it does.
  8. Definitely not overwatering. I keep water limitied.
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    Looks like a Manganese Or Magnesium Deficiency to me...Both can be solved by correcting your PH to 5.5 - 6.0 [DWC] or 6.0 - 6.5 [Soil etc]
    To be safe, you should flush your system, and add ph'ed water with 1/2 Nutes in, and see if it clears up within a few days.
  10. Thanks! I'll look into that. It doesn't seem to affect the plant growth at all and its only the occasional bottom leaf, so let's see if this mild mixture I got helps.
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    If bottom leaves are falling off after turning yellow, its most likely nitrogen deficiency. But if the leaves are just turning yellow inbetween the veins and have the brown spots, like in the Picture you showed us above, then thats defo manganese / magnesium problems.

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