OG Kush clones now rooted. How much/often should I feed them nutes?

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    My 4 OG Kush clones have rooted in 7 days. I plan on vegging them until they are 12 inches (they are 6 inches now) before moving them to my flowering room. How much/often should I feed and water them? The soil I'm using has a light nutrient base of 7-1-3 and I have 24-8-16 nutes diluted in a 1/4 strength solution. Some of the leaves are turning yellow from the plant using stored nitrogen to grow roots; should I spray nutes directly onto the leaves that seem deficient or just the soil?

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  2. I'm ordering some Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil and some Earth Juice Seablast grow/bloom nutes this week so my grow will be 100% organic once I transplant the clones out of the starter cubes into their 3 gallon containers. Just wondering how much I should feed them what I have while waiting for the good stuff.

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