OG KUSH 1st TIME GROW on G.C!! :)

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    Hey everyone I'm very excited to start on this journal.
    and I'd be honored if the people on GC care to join me:D

    Please feel free too comment and have a sense that this project
    is also yours!! Never too young/old to learn new things. As what's
    said lets do this shiEeeeeet!!:hello:


    VICTIM: OG KUSH(45) Hydroponic flood&drain


    On a 7ft light mover.
    1600w total(changed from 2000w)
    1 1000w MH
    1 600w HPS
    (all in 1 hood)

    Medium: Is 6'' Rockwool Grodans
    They are currently 3-4'' tall
    10-12'' away from the light

    2600w HPS
    2 1000w HPS (cool tube)
    1 600w HPS (hood)

    AC: 25,000BTU automatically stabled at 73 degrees at all time
    **even if ALL the lights in the room are turned on**


    Week 1: 250ppm
    Week 2: 350ppm (current) 10/10/10

    Base: 10gal

    Liquid karma:6mL
    Nutri+ vitamin, seaweed (basicly B52): 10mL
    Nutri+ GOLD:10mL
    Sea Kelp:1cap
    GH PureBlend: 6mL
    Humate Acid 10mL
    GH Necter 6mL

    Total 350ppm

    Those are just a few nutts, I have lots more and we well
    be using them all as time goes by.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bAbUYfTkDM"]YouTube - Video0012[/ame]

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  2. looks good dude, I'm subscribed. how powerful is your fan that you're using to pull through all that ducting?
  3. heYyy niice to meetcha:wave:

    The fann is a 12'' vortex, its currently located in the other room where the black vent goes to.
  4. Does anyone know why some of the leaves curl down and start looking like claws? kind of firm to the touch?

    video frame: 1:43 (red spot) i could be ovr fertlizin it :x

    video frame: 2:45 (claw)

    It cant be heat, because i can put my hands at the height and doesn't burn.
    other plants aren't burning.

    Could it be over fertilizing?
    Drying out too long?
    or deficiency?
  5. ughhhhh ..i hate digital PH METERSS!!!!!

    I've tried a lot of ph meters from $50-200's

    my HM ph meter that costed close to $100
    went wackky on me, tested the cali solution
    and my 4.01 went to 7.0 and my 7.o went to 10.00
    thanx god i have a chemical tester!! :D
  6. not for sure on this, but I think you might be overwatering, resulting in the claw like leaves. luckily, this is the place to ask, lots of help here at GC. take some pics and post, and you might have better luck with some answers. I'll look in my books and see if I can help. that 12" fan should be pretty adequate, I was afraid that with all the bends in your ducting that you might be reducing the efficiency of the fan too much, but a 12" vortex is pretty effin powerful
  7. Hey, thanxs for the look out.

    I had thought that too, but i sucked water out of the rock cubes out of 2 of the worst looking plants and it didnt really effect anything.

    I just found out my ph meter went retarded on me, after calibrating it.
    i just fixed my ph back down to 5.8 ish and it has gotten alot better.

    The fan if iffin strong!!haha

    I made shure of it, and by doing the hand test it doesnt burn my hands at all.
    its acually sucking cool air from the other room across. So, far my plants are looking a lot better, will post pictures at 9:00pm tonight.

    I will also post what mothers I have. so, we can pic which ones are our next victim :p
  8. dude yo grow is sick with it.. keep it up i wish i stayed close to you so i could just come over and see the grow in person but keep up the good work...o i wanted to ask i see u using HPS lights wat is the electricity bill with that thing..
  9. Heyy thanxs for the luv!:)

    electricity...ooo i must not want to talk about it..:( haha
    its not that bad since im runnin 240 but like $6-700 per month.
  10. Can't wait to see these things flowering man.
  11. heyy me tooo, right now im battling a ph problem.

    no matter how much I flush with 5.8 ph the 6' cubes are still in the 6.0's
    right now im flooding the cubes with 4.5 ranging nutts to balance it out.
    I'm going to be flushing them up and down acouple of times.
    This is my first time running hydro, i've always ran aero:D
  12. I'm very jealous of your grow, I live in Illinois so If I did that, swat would come storming in my house and shoot me dog. :(
  13. HIGH and Welcome to The City Chinxy, not a Fan of RW....and I hope you get your PH Balanced out....looking Good otherwise!!!!
  14. lol u guys crack me up!!:D
    but thanxs for the luvv!!
    even tho i live in cali, i get kind of paranoid sumtimes
    just because a lot of helicopters come through
    even tho i have 200 doctor recs under me
    i hear a lot of funky stories..haha

    I will post an up date at 5pm soo stay tune yaa guys

    i'll post a short video of what i did so you guys can see exactly
    what happen'd :D

    PS: was going to call the collective Mr.Chinxys & MaryJanes Colective "C.M.C"
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    Here's an update: :)

    Plants are looking a lot better, in growth.

    PS: dont know why its posting 2 of the same video, but both are the same, enJoy.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBJTLyfRO5w"]YouTube - Video0013.mp4[/ame]
  16. Heyy everyone an issue has came up and I need your help.
    and the gurls would appreciate it veryy muchies :D

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=So5KlGf_H0Y]YouTube - Video0014.mp4[/ame]
  17. Heyyy here's an update of the situation!!

    Details are in the videos, but quick notice.

    They have been topped and super cropp'd at around 2'' 1/2 around 5-8th

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mx-bhFwaiTo]YouTube - 10/14/10_growth.mp4[/ame]
  18. Hey this is the new batch of 48 pre-bubba98
    They were given to me, in a state of flowering :eek:
    I dont think they have been flowering too long, but
    it was long enough to get smoked nd get a lil head change lol

    Soo, sum dont have heads anymore, should i vegg them??
    They have been vegged like a week already.
    Or should i just flower/junk them?
    grown in aeroponic

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZMn9DitGoI]YouTube - Video0016[/ame]
  19. Maybe flush more often and add less nutrients and check your runoff to avoid ph lockout if you don't already.
  20. They seem to be recovering fast, bushy lil babies. :D

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