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OFIFCIAL Spied on by the Secret Services

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Thani, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. I am stuck inside my house,
    Last night, a chick from across the streets was taping me in my bathroom thinkin i was watching her naked to send it to the sticks. Cop cars oustide of my house and everytime I go for a walk. So, now, waiting for the sun to set down..lcause tonight...thing's gonna get serious!

    What are your stories?
  2. You were probably watching her OP. it's ok, we are all mostly guys here .

    Omega369 :wave:
  3. Whats tonight? Is tonight the night you bust out the lube and plunge in to sweet susies pooper for real?
  4. The whole point behind peeping is to not let her see you ferociously masterbaiting.
  5. "Secret" Service tends to live up to their name. If they were there, you would not see "cop cars" and this kind of petty bullshit isn't even close to what they're responsible for doing in any kind of official capacity (unless you were furiously masturbating outside the White House).

    Try and realize that walking outside is not committing a crime, and you're literally putting yourself on house arrest. If they were going to arrest you, they would have done it by now.

    Man, I've heard of paranoia before, but damn, USSS dealing with peeping toms...that's rich.

    Also, if she was taping you without consent, mind telling me how she's not just as legally culpable here?
  6. yea when i was 17 my big titied neighbor caught me stairing at her with binocolars

    she waved hi and went about her business... never did catch a look tho :(
  7. So girl thinks your peeping on her, and tapes you while your showering? Sounds like something kinky is about to go down.
  8. My dad was taking a piss behind a hotel regan was staying in back in the 80's and they came and told him he needed to leave haha :laughing:
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  9. It's not secret services man don't worry about it. If they were gonna arrest you they'd have done it by now, they have better things to do than watch on someone suspected at looking out of his window.
  10. This happened to me 2 days ago....

    Their was cop cars all around my house and in my alley and i was high as shit and when i went to look out my bedroom window i saw a cop standing at my neighbours gate staring at me. I opened my window and said hows it going and he said not too bad just taking a leak lol. I was like WTF? and closed my window thinking wtf just happened lol. I wanted to tell him my neighbour wouldn't be too happy that you were pissing on his back gate but thought fuck it since i don't really want to cause any trouble with the cops baked out of my mind. 20 minutes later i see them all drive off so until now i have no idea wtf they were doing.
  11. Back in high school my senior year some bitch was a undercover cop posing as a student, 20 somthing kids got arrested (most were my fiends) and i got fuckin called in for questioning, I didn't get any charges but that was the most stressful couple of weeks of my life.

  12. I've seen that shit on Law & Order , CSI
    thats gotta take a lotta shit to do
    How long was that bitch going to class for 8 hrs everday just to find out shes collectin shit on everyone else. I mean did she have to do the school work too or did the teachers all in on it?
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    Official, my god if you cant spell it there is always google or microsoft word.

    No, cant say that I have been spied on directly by any government agency. Pretty sure my phone has been tapped once or twice, but its been years and 2 or 3 numbers since. Not from being paranoid as I dont do anything worth listening to, just phone virus through anonymous text which left the phone stuck in loading, then got tired of being on company account and people using up all the upgrades when their shitty androids would crap out after a year (I wanted an iPhone 5 and had waited 2 years to finally upgrade), and now I pay for it myself.

    Interesting detail, 3500 of my student loans disappeared within roughly the last month. I am dumbfounded as to how, but now I only owe about half that. I even asked family members and everyone said no.
  14. she acted like a total burnout never did shit and always smelled like bud, but she was sketch as fuck she would ask random people if they new where to get all kinds of drugs. but nobody knew she was a cop not even like the principals and shit just one day like 30 dea unit cops swarmed the school.
  15. lmao this whole thread :laughing:
  16. I came to this thread thinking it was going to be official. There is nothing official about this thread; infact, it might be the least official thread the Internet has ever seen
  17. ^ hahahahaahah
  18. it's not official, it's ofifcial
  19. It's this kind of bullshit that needs to be made public in any way possible to show the blatant waste of taxpayer money.

    If you don't speak up, they'll keep doing it. Again and again, and again. Public pressure is far more powerful than you think.

    Two dozen DEA payrolls busting high schoolers for pot...yes, that's exactly what I expect my taxpayer dollars to be spent on. :rolleyes:

  20. Ya and they made it hella hard for new kids too make friends since nobody trusted anybody lol.

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