Xbox **official Xbox Live Gamer-tag Thread**

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    Lets get a whole List of everybody's Gamertags for Xbox Live for Xbox 360. put your GC username and your gamertag, and i will update this first post after the thread reaches the end of a page with everybodys Gamer-Tags.

    Smooth08 - JSm00th08
    iamscott06 - LeLaPope
    nuggs419 - experimentTHC
    jsmak - DeductiveHorse
  2. iamscott06
    GT - LeLaPope

    Halo 3 All Day! (Well maybe not all day, just after work..)
  3. experimentTHC
  4. DeductiveHorse
  5. x7h3 124p157x

    Halo 3
    45 Slayer
    50 Doubles
  6. Hot Dog Of Doom
    Right now: Halo 3
  7. ClickClack041

    I just got live setup this evening.. currently 3-0 in Madden 08, any challengers?
  8. KillerJC1
    Halo most def
  9. emacmoe420 just signed up yesterday no one to play with :(
  10. GT: weedzilla420

    haha got that name from someone's username on here (weedzilla) a while back. thanks for the inspiration bro :hello:
  11. Ravenoussd - gamertag

    just got xbox360 for christmas, here are my games so far, halo3, marvel Ultimate Alliance, Forza Motorsport2

    (ho ya just look at my sig for my tag)
  12. dandaman33(GC) - vonyay(XBL)

    halo 3 all the way. big team battle is the shit
    mic is broken but im pickin up a new one tomorow so it is all good.
  13. Strapped1020

    Games: Call Of duty 4
    Halo 3
  14. GT- idealbubble....................yeah its the same as my GC profile name
  15. GT: Ionator93

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