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Official "Why so much QWISO" thread

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Thai_Sticks, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. I was really wondering why everyone on GC makes QWISO and not BHO. Every aspect of BHO is better. Faster to make, tastes better, more potent, better for you, more fun to make, very easy/cheap to diy, with the option of getting a badass setup

    It seems every thread about making oil on here is QWISO. So I have two main queries

    1) - If your one of the QWISO people... Why? I'd be interested to hear some good arguments on this one

    2) - Basically just want all the BHO supporters to stand up and represent themselves. Maybe make a couple of derogatory remarks about QWISO (or the people answering question 1), possibly post a pick of some gooey dankness, or something else.

    So let's hear it:hello:
  2. One word . . . BOOM!
  3. I make QWISO a lot because it doesn't take long and doesn't require anything special. I don't have the tools required to make BHO, but some of my friends make it every once in a while so I just get some from then. Plus I don't have any easy way to smoke oil.

    I don't think there is any reason to bash any kind of method of making hash, they are all good if done properly and turn out quite potent. I think the reason people are attracted to QWISO so much is the simplicity and lack of instruments required to successfully make it.
  4. werd to that id make it if i could stand on my back porch on the corner of my road and push butant into a turkey baster.

    or take 30 mins inside with hardly any alki, which i already have lying around
    a plate and a blade

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