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Discussion in 'General' started by Gooseman, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. I've got only one at the moment, and it just came to me, while watching Star Trek, The Next Generation. :metal:

    Wouldn't it be strange if they actually had developed devices that could heal wound easily and instantly? I ould only see bad things coming from this, especially from a medical college... Imagine, just for a second, that you and your buddies get drunk and somebody passes out on the couch. Now note that in these facilities there would be said wound healing devices. Anyways, as a practical joke, theoretically you could focus the device onto somebodies asshole, dick, or vagina, and seal it shut.

    Wouldn't that be a bitch? Damn I sure hope that idea doesn't come to fruitation. :laughing:
  2. Alright so who has dvr or anything like that? Well I was thinking you know when you skip through all the commercials really fast, don't you think your getting a bunch of subliminal messages? Like you can pass a pepsi commercial and not even read the word pepsi but that word is somewhere in that commercial so you just got flashed pepsi before your conscious mind can even tell what your subconscious read. I want a pepsi now.:cool:
  3. I wonder what sir-mix-alot thinks of Kim kardashian, you know the guy that sings baby got back.
  4. "Drugs cause crimes, like forks cause obesity. I, as a UK citizen, am outraged by the fact that fork use is acceptable in our society. It makes me sick that my children will be brought into a world with accepted fork use. Forks are the cause of obesity, not food! FORKS! As a member of society, we need to suppress these obesity-causing, murderous objects. We need to wage what I have called a total war on FORKS."

    Why aren't forks illegal man :confused:
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    Well how the heck are we supposed to eat spaghetti without forks? The fat people will just move onto BBQ prongs or something and the skinny folk get screwed. Not that we aren't having all the sex already anyway. lol
  6. And we have all the being outside walking on our two feet opposed to in a motorized scooter.
  7. Hell yeah on star trek.

    One of the main questions posed, mostly on deep space nine, is will we ever evolve?

    I mean in the show they teach humans from a young age that humans have evolved past the point of needless violence and material hoarding. However, time and time again when humans are put in shitty situations they revert back to their old ways.

    Is plenty of freedom and resources a cure for evil? It's like how locusts come to be. They were grass hoppers until shit got too crowded, then they mutate.

  8. Were not supposed to think that far man, how the hell are we supposed to treat cancerand multiple scorosis :confused: see :p
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    We don't. We let population control kick in.

  10. If Americans came from England, where the hell did Native Americans come from?
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  12. Cheating death.
  13. I wonder when we'll find life on other planets. Not if but when. To think that in an entire universe in which we've barely scratched the surface we're the only planet with life. I think that thought is completely narcissistic and irrational.
  14. a sea full of hawaiin punch fruit juice.. hm ... :smoke:
  15. Why don't they have orange flavored jolly ranchers?
  16. The first star trek DESTROYS the next generation. The only one i like from next gen is lavar from reading rainbow
  17. I wish I had a receptor in my brain that could store THC. That way I could turn my high off when I need to get stuff done sober and then turn it back on when I wanted to get chillaxed.
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    This is prob the best idea I've ever read.
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    Also a sleep switch. I lay and stare at the ceiling forever tryin to go to sleep
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    With Swedish Fish swiming in it. :)

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