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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by InferiorWang, Apr 1, 2003.

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  1. I didn\'t see a thread where everyone posts a pic of themself so I decided I\'d start one. I\'m on the left in this pic. I keep meaning to scan a pic of just me but that takes effort and effort is one thing that I\'m against. I need a digicam. Oh, well. Have fun and post away!
  2. well shit now its gonna be hella easy to hunt you down
  3. wang, u havin\' a 3-some or something

    :) lol
  4. please tell us your the chick with the nice ass
  5. i would post my picture.. if i had a picture

    ..and i wasnt really an undercover police officer
  6. *slap that ass* :)
  7. im the guy on the left next to the chick with the very nice ass

  8. riiiigghhhhtttt......

  9. narc....
  10. I would have but she was teasing everyone that night. She was a little drunk and would get all close to a guy and when he showed interest she would move on to someone else. :( She was kinda mad when she saw the pics (We have more) but it was all her idea. We just went along with it.
  11. Hatebreeder, which one\'s the Remington? I\'m an idiot...
  12. face paint and all? jw...
  13. razor\'s are deadly..... they\'re one of the best things to get really fucked up and play with......

    Especially free razor scooters...( going to burn in hell by the way of aquiring ours)

    the all terrain skate boards are really fun too...though im more of a wakeboard type person...

  14. Kinda sorta but not really, your standing(almost like snow boarding) but your getting pulled behind a boat doing any where from 7 to 20 mph ( depending upon how good you are). trick variations are insane, rwal easy to do once you get the hang of it and getting up on a wakeboard is way easier than on skiis....

    edit: nope thats not me.
  15. Here is my pic....i donno why, just felt like posting a naked one

    sorry but SJ does not allow pics like this on the forums......Peace out.......Sid
  16. nice hind..... post more....;) lol
  17. giggity giggity :p
  18. damn girl you fine...

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