*official* maddox appreciation thread

Discussion in 'General' started by igotammo, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. He's got some funny shit on that site.
  2. Maddox is the lamest of internet trolls.

    He is also gay, as proven by his love for Asian lady boys.
  3. Has anyone read his book?
    The Alphabet of Manliness. That shit is just like the site but on paper
  4. is that the book where c is for chuck norris and n is to
  5. I remember when he updated a couple times a week, last article has been up forever.
  6. OH MY GOD! I was thinking of starting this thread a couple days ago and got sidetracked. +rep to igotammo for finishing my thought.

    *EDIT I was a little stoned when I wrote that and it astonished me that someone else made the thread. Also, Maddox was so much better when he updated more than twice a year.
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    fuck maddox he thinks he's legit because he can write a shitty article every 6 months. he isn't funny AT ALL. he finds shit on forums that used to be funny about 2 years ago and then feels the need to write shitty commentary about it, fuck him
  8. nah maddox is legit:wave:
  9. Lol. Used to read that stuff years ago. Funny as shit at the time. He's an asshole. If you don't think assholes can be funny, don't go to the site. Pretty epic imo.

    NOTE: Maddox apreciation thread, not maddox slogging thread.
  10. Was funny to start with but most recent stuff has been pretty bad imo.

    Suicide methods and crappy children's artwork were masterpieces though. :p
  11. Not a very funny asshole if you ask me. He's a waste of life.
  12. He was hilarious when I first found out about him and then read all of his articles in like 2 days. Now he updates like 3 times a year and they haven't been as funny or clever lately. Same with Tucker Max.
  13. i read it...it was a very quality book id recommend any real man should read it

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