Official 'I Love My Ducks' NCAAF

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by NorthWestBud, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. Looked for it on here couldnt find it so here is the official 'I Love My Ducks' thread. Anyone on GC love their ducks?

    [ame=""]YouTube - I Love My Ducks (Return of the Quack) - Supwitchugirl[/ame]
  2. GOOOOOOOOO COUGS! Win or lose, we drink more booze. :D
  3. Yup Yup, Ducks are The shit, Our player Cliff jus got popped goin 130mph in his whip. Idk if hes suspended or what.

  4. Ya some rental car he probably got against NCAA rules.
  5. fuck oregon. asu baby
  6. Go "O"!!!! The ducks are winning it all this year
  7. Lol, ASU.. them sun devils. Well see who wins on Oct 15th yall bee in My house!
  8. I do love Oregon despite going to MSU. I love the Spartans still of course but Oregon is definitely my "second" team if I could root for anyone else out there in the field haha :smoke:
  9. Duck fan all my life

    Ya'll are haters, LJ is gonna win the Heisman this year :metal:
  10. OOO-SSS-UUU First down!

  11. lol fuck OSU most corrupt team in the Big 10 football and basketball.
  12. this is the oregon thread...?

    go beavs!
  13. Lets fuckin go Oregon!! Meetin Cliff Harris and LaMichael James was dope as hell
  14. Right on man, i blunted with Masoli if yall remember him
  15. Thanks for playing like complete rubbish in the BCS Title game. That was super cool. :p

    Thanks for Legarrette Blount though. He's gonna be massive for the Bucs.
  16. Oregon is the Oakland Raiders of college football.
    bunch of cheap shotting hoodrats.
  17. lol, yall remember when blount rocked that linemen.. one hit.
  18. Buckled him and smacked the smurk right off that punks face.

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