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  1. I have a close call story that happened to me a couple weekends ago...

    My boyfriend and I were smoking in my bedroom when I heard a knock on my door. I answer it and its my upstairs neighbors telling me that the carbon monoxide alarm in their apartment went off and that they called 911 and that the firefighters and ambulance are coming and we needed to evacuate.

    So 4 firefighters and my landlord ended up touring through my apartment to check for carbon monoxide and I thank god that I wasn't too stoned to grab all of my shit before i left and stash it in my car. Turns out it was actually my other neighbors smoke detector and that there wasn't any carbon monoxide.
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  2. Was smoking with my friend that I hadn't seen in like a year. Was him, 2 of his friends, and me. We were finishing a jay and his friend just lit another. Then some sketch truck pulled up my friends long ass drive way. We had enough time to put them out and hide the stash, but the garage smelled like some skunks lived in it. The guy turned out to be a friend of my friend's dad and he was returning a lawn mower. Had a pretty normal convo with him until he jumped in and said "jeeze , it smells funny up here. Have fun!" He drove off and nothing happened.
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  3. 1986, bought a very nice and large glass bong for my wife to be. She hid it in her younger sister's closet until after the wedding when she would be moving in with me. Her dad found it, freaked the fuck out and smashed it until it was unrecognizable.

    Lol, my (still) wife found out and laid into her dad like I've never seen before or after. She made him give her the money to replace it. And none of us ever talked about it again.

    Now, it's legal and they know we still smoke but, we can't do it in the open at our house when they're around. Lol, we make a lot of trips to our bedroom when they visit. It's the only way to get through the visit! :roflmao:
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  4. Bruh.

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  5. Came home super stoned one night and thought my mom had went to sleep already but she was still up. I was a bit worried when she looked at me because I knew my eyes were red. She stood up and took a good look at my eyes. The look one her face told me she knew what was up. I was like oh great now I'm gonna hear it, but all she did was smile and said "I wish I was feeling what you are right now," then sat back down. Turns out she used to be a stoner back in her day, and was completely okay with it. I was still in high school at the time, and thought she'd flip out, but she said since I was getting good grades she didn't care, "just don't do it in my house."
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  6. wise people dont get caught
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  7. Hi everyone, here's my "got busted" story.
    I live in Virginia. Been in my apartment for five years. Never a problem. Never a complaint, nothing.
    We have neighbors in an apartment under us. Three apartments in the and our neighbors beside us, then the ones under us.
    The old ones downstairs moved out and about two weeks ago, new neighbors moved in.
    Eight days ago, husband and I are smoking and a few minutes later, there's banging on the door. Two cops, says a neighbor reported "marijuana odor." I asked which neighbor, and although the officer said he "couldn't tell me," he pointed his finger directly downstairs to indicate it the complaint came from under us. He said he could smell it, we knew we were caught, so I handed everything over and took 100 percent of the blame to protect my husband, who has more to lose than I do.
    The officer told me that usually, he'd demolish the weed (it was like, one bowlful) but I had some black bowl scrapings in a tin. I call it "resin" but it's just bowl scrapings as y'all know. Well, this officer starts throwing around words like "concentrate" and "felony" even though I explained what the black stuff is.
    He says he's got to talk to the "drug specialist" on the force about it and would call me back or come by. Said I could be let off, charged with misdemeanor possession, or charged with a felony.
    He didn't call that night. Didn't call the next night. I called them, and said, there were officers at my home last night and I'm trying to follow up because they didn't call me as they said they would. Dispatcher said they were busy and would get to me the next day. They never did. Haven't heard a word.
    I'm a nervous wreck. Just want to know what's going to happen to me. Wondering if there's lab testing going on or something.
    These neighbors are strange people. They argue and fight at all hours and don't look at anyone or speak to anyone. Never been uncomfortable in my own apartment until now.
    Sorry for rambling, I'm so nervous!
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  8. Chant with me. The Police are NOT our Friends, The Police are NOT our Friends, The Police are NOT our Friends, The Police are NOT our Friends.

    Here is some light reading on Weed smoke smells and the cops.
    Cops Can Kick Your Door Down If They Smell Weed, Supreme Court Rules
    Basically all you do is yell through the closed door. "Go away and come back with a search warrant".
    It's your home and castle and NEVER let them in without a warrant. That's a Supreme Court Ruling and it trumps any city, county, or state laws.
    The smell of weed smoke alone is NOT sufficient reason to kick your door down.
    If you don't yell they CAN force entry as they'll claim you were busy flushing a million pounds of Cocaine down the john.
    If they Demand you speak to them you can exit and close the door behind you again denying them entry.
    Or answer through the window or closed door. Ask for a supervisor first thing. Don't deal with peon no rank officers.

    Don't keep calling the Cop Shop. Leave sleeping bears alone.
    Record the next fight from downstairs on your phone and threaten to make your own call if they don't ShutThe F___ Up.
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  9. Boyfriend was growing a plant on the patio of our apartments (across from the front office mind you) I was at work and got a call that the cops thought we had a grow room so they climbed a ladder to our patio on the second floor, took the plant and the dirt, looked in the apartment and left.

    Nothing has happened since then, the plant was a month or so from budding thankfully, but fuck. Shame on them because we had other shit in the apartment and they didn’t even search it.
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  10. Back in the day when all you used get to get was soap bar .my bro and buddy collected a couple of bars.
    Chucked it in the glove box and headed home at a rate of knots .
    Got pulled by busies.checked us all out on police computer and decided to search car as buddy had previous .
    Idiots searched the car whilst we tried to be cool , secretly shitting it as that amount could have got us jail . To our absolute astonishment they never checked glove box
    Where the 18 oz was . After we fucked off I asked my mate where he had stashed it in the car . He replied coolly,”In the glove box”.
    “Fuckers never check there” . “Too obvious” he said .
    “Lucky fucker” I said!!
    His luck eventually ran out ,but that’s for another time ......
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  11. Exactly.

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  12. Came home to my last bowl on top of my dresser on a paper that said "NUFF SAID"
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  13. So true! In 40+ years of smoking I've only gotten caught once, and it was because I listened to someone else about a location being safe, and didn't trust my instincts, which were saying 'FUCK NO, WE NEED TO FIND A BETTER PLACE.'

    Fortunately, the guy who caught us was a bored security guard who couldn't be bothered to do anything except throw us out, but I felt like a total idiot and was furious at myself for having let it happen.
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  14. Being caught smoking tends to be a matter of how careful you are, which is improved by "wisdom", luck does however also matter.

    Working with CB is another matter, almost everyone gets caught at some point in time if they work with it long enough with larger quantities. I don't know of a single person that has worked with this for 10 years that has moved weight that hasn't been to jail. Wisdom requires knowledge and experience, experience requires time, when you start out you have neither. The sentiment game is to be sold, not told, also makes this a lot harder. Chance is also involved here too.

    Working with quantities will also inevitably get you stuck on pictures, which yet again increases the chance of being caught.
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  15. I had a similar experience, I have certain rules especially when friends are in my car. Because I broke my rule and didn't listen to my gut, we got popped. Friend took the blame for me though (he was pretty screwed anyway and since I had no record, he took it. I did pay his fines, least I could do heh.
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  16. Imagine if you were growing weed

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    My heart would literally stop after hearing the knock on the door.

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  18. About two weeks ago I had to go through a state police checkpoint here in va on my way. home, funny thing was I had two ounces on me and me driving my new 2019 Chevy z71 pickup, I stop at the checkpoint, roll my window down and say to the trooper, " good evening sir" after the normal liscence, insurance, registration deal, he asked me"
    LOL, do you have anything in your vehicle you shouldn't have?
    I said no sir, I'm not a druggie, he said ok and waved me on through lmao..
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    me: *smoking pot out my window like a dumbass”
    (opens my door which i thought was locked)
    dad: “oh my god, it smells like shit in here. it smells like... pot.”
    *looks at me .. are you stoned?*
    me: what? no?
    *stares for 10 more seconds and shut my door.
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  20. You weren't in troubles for this? I mean, did he just ignored the fact? :biggrin:

    If this happened to me when I was living with my parents I would be in big troubles.

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