OFFICIAL I just got caught thread

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by pawlywog, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. damn man.. you got busted?

    lets hear what happened
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  2. gotta love the fresh moderator enthusiasm.

    but seriously i'm glad someone with authority is finally making this thread
  3. Haha, this should help out a lot with the clogging of these Threads. It's nice to have a whole Thread full of stories too.
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  4. Damn I made this same fuckin thread and it didn't get stickied... eh oh well, who cares.
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  5. ^ i'm this section of the forums moderator, i stuck it myself :p

    agreed. fuck it! i'll kick this shit off

    a few years ago, i walked into my house and saw my red acrylic bong sitting on the coffee table in front of my parents. my heart jumped, i put my head down just yelled hey and ran downstairs because i had to "go to the bathroom" (figure out what the fuck i'm going to say :laughing: ) after like 10 minutes i flushed and walked upstairs with a huge smile on my face, looked them both dead in the eyes and said "so... i see you found my bong.."

    yeah.. i thought that would ease the situation but it didn't mi madre smashed it bless her heart she couldn't break it herself, she had to back the car over it to prove her point :rolleyes:

    i don't think i got trouble or anything but i was pissed i had to get a new piece haha
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  6. Long story short, I get back to my house, my friend is arrested and there are like 4 flashing light cop cars. I'll being getting papers in the mail sooner or later.
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  7. I was eating mcdonalds in a parking lot with all the lights off "suspicious activity" got illegally searched with < 20g of MJ
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  8. My friends parents went to Vermont and we threw a party at his house. We threw all the beers into a trash bag and tossed it out the window as we drove away. It blew into the neighbors yard and apparently the kids AT&T phone receipt was in there with his name and number, along with all the beers, fuck my life.

    Another time my friend went to Jamaica and let me throw a party at his house so I did one night and was way too drunk/hungover/high the next morning to clean it up so I figured I'd be coming back another time anyways. I went there Saturday and did the same thing. Sunday morning when I woke up with my girl and went downstairs we heard a knock on the door. It was my best friend's (now ex-best friend's) mom with the family's dog. Turns out she was watching it all week and just came early in the morning to return it. I tried running but she saw my car in the garage and recognized it. We went back and cleaned up after she left pretty good but another lady came and caught us. Cops got involved and shit hit the fan. No big deal now though.

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  9. My parents found my stash and confronted me about it when i was in an intense game of halo. They just went on and on about all this false information about weed. Amazing how misinformed some people are. Should be out of the house before too long so that will be nice.
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  10. My only getting caught story is one that pisses me the fuck off but ill tell it anyway. Basically I had texted my cousin a bit about smoking and shrooms and stuff like that. He didn't delete the texts like we usually do and later that day got busted by his parents because of some stupid mistake. So his dad took his phone, read the texts, then called ny dad. My dad confronted me when my mom wasn't there and basically yelled at me because it's illegal, it's stronger than when he was a kid (bs but whatever j was in no position to argue), so on and so forth. He insisted that I gave a name of a friend who "started me" on it (total bs answer because I started on my own) and told me to never hang out with him again, which I did anyway because he's a good guy and a good friend. He also asked if I had anything in the house, I lied no, an it was over and it's hardly been mentioned since. I unfortunately had to flush an amazing eighth just in case he searched my room and I also sold my piece and grinder. All because my fucking cousin doesn't delete dangerous texts. Up to this point I was golden with my parents, they never thought I did anything wrong. After this it took years to get my dad's trust. Funnily enough he said he would know I was still smoking if my grades started to drop. I smoked harder than ever through the rest of high school (after waiting a few months to build up some small amount of trust) and got better grades than ever :D
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  11. Isn't there already a giant thread about this that you could have pinned?
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  12. i just got caught.... jerking my gerkin
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  13. Thats the worse.
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  14. Finally a thread for all these lame ass stories!
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  15. lol @ pawlywog's mom failing to break it, then backing over it with the car...

    I got caught six months ago, got kicked out the house. My own eyeballs betrayed me with their damned squinting and redness. My dad was gonna DT me right then and there, so I just told him the truth. Then he got even more serious, looked in my eyes, asked my "... Are you addicted?" You should know that he used to blaze when he was my age, AND a very close friend of his smokes medicinally. I had literally just smoked two bowls not even 10 minutes ago, so this struck me as an extremely funny statement.. I just looked at him, stifling giggles while I explained to him that weed is less addictive than coffee (to which he is addicted, by the way; 5 cups a day). Almost lost it and started rolling around laughing and stuff, but I held it together till he left.

    I was only 18, still am. But now I'm living in my house, got my own job, don't need no nothin from nobody!.. except my dealer :D
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  16. Probably
  17. one time when i was chilling with these 4 kids who were my buddies friends and one of them was his cousin, we went on a blunt ride and we burned through the first one pretty quick, we were about 16 at the time and couldn't buy blunts but we knew a place that sold them to people underage so we cruised there and they made me get out and go get them since i was on the side to enter the gas station door

    well i went in and got 2 swishers and walked out and everyone is like "HURRY UP HURRY UP AN UNDERCOVER PASSED THAT PULLED US OVER BEFORE AND THEY'RE BREAKING A U TURN" so i hop in and they speed off in the opposite direction, well the cop caught up with us and pulled us over by a cemetary, they came up and asked us all to step out 1 by 1, well at the time i had pretty long hair and was really baked off 1 blunt, he opened the door and pulled me out and goes

    "Wohhhaaa, look at this guy high as a kite"

    ... my response? "what, you think i smoke weed because my hair is long?"

    everyone kinda gave me a look like "wtf?" - long story short they all let us go after finding nothing but a little bit of weed crumbs and saying they could take us in, they took me though because i looked the highest and they ended up dropping me off at my house while i sat there and got lectured the whole 10 mile ride back.. he just dropped me off and ended it with "HAVE A GOOD NIGHT!"

    only time i was ever caught was that, i've been scott free the entire time
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    Whats up with cops letting you go? That would never happen around here unless the cop was family/close friends with you lol.
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  19. Me and a few friends all had 5 to throw on weed for tonight and we bought a $30 sack.

    Went to a park that we are all familiar, we smoke there all the time.

    But tonight after we smoked a fat blunt and a few bowls, we went to the street to smoke some cigs.

    We see a Police Community Truck pull up and shine a huge spotlight on the park (looking for us obviously), but we had finished.

    I think it was my friend's ex that called the cops and tried to get us caught.

    fucking bitch.
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    my parents caught me years ago; i stayed over at a friends house we smoked his dads homegrown stash
    next day came home took all precautions (smell) was fine throughout the day. that night decided to nap round 6pm... some how my parents would have been standing by my room that night, and would have smelt the smell of the marijuana i smoked nearly 24 hours earlier!

    a week ago my friend got caught doing drugs though different circumstances
    he ran two suburbs on lsd; naked... someone would have called the cops and they came to his house haha
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