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    This thread is for everyone to discuss the utter hypocrisy, and bullshit shown on the TV show called "COPS." If you're angry with something you saw, whether it be a horrible, and unfair marijuana charge, to a husband beating his wife, share your anger here! Really though, share the injustice you see regarding marijuana laws! If you see a cop show compassion to someone possessing marijuana, let us know too. Basically just share anything regarding marijuana that made you mad, bullshit arrests/charges, and anything related to the show COPS.

    This thread isn't made to degrade police officers, rather, it is to show how laws regarding marijuana are ridiculous. There are countless citizens arrested on the show simply for possessing marijuana, which is a victimless, harmless crime. There are some good cops out there, who truly believe they are making their communities safe, so this thread is for us to share our frustration when they arrest someone for hurting no one, yet they have marijuana so they need to go to jail. That's bullshit.

    I saw an episode the other day where I believe this girl was charged with sale of marijuana, and possession too (it was maybe a gram or two, of some schwaggy ass weed). She was charged for "selling" just because she got a text from a friend that asked her if she could plug him, and the COP snooped through her phone and read it. He then charged her for selling marijuana even though she was basically just helping out a friend to get some green, she didn't even sell anything, it was a text, that's all. Then she got arrested and went to jail.
  2. In an episode of road wars the woman police bitch smelled a bag of weed and cringed , just because its illegal doesent mean she has to pretend to not like the smell , what a dumbass , everybody likes the smell of weed no matter what your views on it are
  3. What about 48 hours?

    Both are terrible, terrible, terrible farces of our 'injustice' system.
  4. lmao that made me lol, "she CRINGED." bahahha, "oh noe, its some dangerous demon weed! just smelling it makes me feel death!" hahahaha.

    cannabis is the most beautiful smelling plant i've ever come across

  5. yeah its so nice id love to have my nose in a bag now
  6. I hate cops!
  7. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgExfLXA_gw]This cop must be a pothead - YouTube[/ame]

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