Official Huge Dump Thread [W/ Pictures]

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Colts, May 13, 2011.

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    Ya... I don't know how it flushed.
  2. good for you?

    oh and cool story bro
  3. I usually prairie dog mine till I let it loose cause It comes out unexpected
  4. I just had some pulled chicken. God damn these farts smell horrible.
  5. Yea me 2, It was sticking out of the water, just like a iceberg
  6. Did you sink the S.S. Charmin?
  7. One time I was taking a huge shit while smoking a joint and after I was done I got up and tossed the roach into the toilet and it perfectly landed in one of the turds, sticking out like a little prospector's flag or something. Dunno why but I started laughing my ass off
  8. I second the fact that this was a cool story
  9. so did my dog
  10. ^hopefully u didn't have to do the walk of shame holding it in a bag.
  11. Pics or it didn't happen.
  12. your right, i stepped in it.

    it was warm..
  13. Oh no. Please don't
  14. You're crazy. Were you not wearing shoes or did you just assume it was warm?
  15. haha,im joking bro.

    but my moms boyfriend actually did step in some dog shit, so it geeked me when he told me, felt like it would be worthy for this thread haha
  16. Don't lie man. U ain't cool unless u step in dog shit
  17. ha in all honesty, he did. believe me, i've lived with dogs all my life, i learned at a young age to take big steps in the dark when walking, and to always watch my step. hahah
  18. My dog is the man. U can always tell when he's going to shit and when he did. He runs laps and then smiles.
  19. I was anticipating that response so I took pictures.

  20. I just lold really hard

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