Official HowTo: Make a Gravity Bong out of Glass SoBe Bottle (SoBe Bong)

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    Sobe bong pros and cons:


    • Cool temperature hits
    • Really good for Solar Hits (more on this later)
    • Big hits
    • Cheap equipment. A soBe is like $2.
    • Not too suspicious looking
    • Very reusable and easy to clean with the regular bong cleaning method.
    • Bong water doesn't get as gross.

    • When baked, it gets increasingly hard to assemble everything (filling it with water, weed, ice, etc.)
    • Need to have an area where water can spill out everywhere or a big bucket to catch it.
    • Uses 20 oz of water each hit unless you reuse the water.
    • SoBe is switching to plastic so it may be tough to get your hands on a glass one.
    • Alot of people think that SoBe is going to switch back to glass bottles in the near future though.
    • Solar Hits are the preferred way to light this, and they can only be done in the bright sunlight. Lighters will work ok, but the smoke wont taste as delicious.

    To make a gravity bong out of a SoBe bottle is actually a very simple process.

    Things Needed:

    • GLASS Sobe bottle. Plastic will not work to the best of my knowledge.

    • Phillips Head Screw-driver
    • Water
    • Weed the more dank the better
    • Urge to get baked


    1. Find the words encircling the cercomfrance of the bottom of the bottle. "HEALTHY REFRESHMENT" it says twice.
    2. In the word "REFRESHMENT" You must see "REFRE" right? Haha well under one of the REFERs is a mysterious indent.
    3. Now take your trusty Phillips head and bash in that indent, making a small hole. [​IMG][​IMG]
    4. Remove cap off bottle, place on table geckos face up.
    5. Tap a bunch of small holes in the center of the cap. This is where the weed goes. [​IMG]
    6. Congrats! your soBe bong is now complete.
    How to Use:

    1. Remove cap and fill a bowl around where the holes are, covering all of them pretty snugly with delicious weed. [​IMG]
    2. [Optional for best results:] Slip 3 or 4 pieces of ice into the bottle. [​IMG]
    3. Place finger over the REFER hole. Fill bottle as much as possible with ice cold water.
    4. Carefully screw the weed-filled cap onto the top of the bottle.
    5. Find an area or a bucket where water can spill out of the lower hole. Sinks work well.
    6. Light the weed with one hand while slowly draining the water out the lower hole. The suction of the water going down will suck the smoke down into the bottle.
    7. While draining, use your lower thumb to block the water coming out full speed. Lower speeds are better.
    8. Once all water is drained, remove the lid and put your mouth on the opening and suck like its a bong.
    9. Clear it.
    10. Hold and inhale then exhale. You can see that you absorbed a lot of the smoke.
    11. Repeat! :smoke:
    The intended method of smoking a SoBe Bong:

    Solar Hits:
    Info about Solar Hits and Why They're Awesome.
    Tip: Let the water out after you get a good burn going. Not just when a little smoke is coming out.

    This method will get you blaaazed so don't hesitate to try it right away!
  2. Cool idea.... I dont use "drain style" grav bongs much(too much trouble for me) but this one looks like it would RIP!

  3. yea it is true that a lot of water is needed. it does rip haha definitly comparable to a real bong.
  4. Yeah we call these waterfall bongs or 'piss-boys' around here. lol. I usually use a three liter soda bottle and drill a hole in the cap. Once you have the hole you can stick the male end of a metal bong slide into the hole and you have your bowl. poke a hole in the bottom of the 3 liter bottle. The lighting method remains the same. duh.
  5. Again I always suggest this when people make bucket style gravity bongs, I always suggesting adding a downtube like a Blisset Bucket. It can be done with waterfall style g-bongs, and it will make the hit smoother.

    I never hit this style of smoking device anymore if I didn't add a downtube to it. If my friends make it I won't hit it if I can't add the downtube. Otherwise I'll just pass up my hit.
  6. I have a similar device but I made a bowl for mine out of an electrical box fitting...

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  7. Nice guide! The only thing I would add is instead of just placing the herb on top of the cap, use a ratchet wrench socket (small) and push it into the lid with a bit of heat. This provides a better bowl for your herb, and makes it much easier to rip the grav.

    Another cool thing you can do is use a downstem/bowl from a bong instead of a socket. This way the downstem provides some peculation. Not sure if this makes sense, but i'll have to take a picture of my friends grav which has this.

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