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*Official Hookah Appreation Thread*

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bluntwrap420, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. i just tried a hookah for the fist time last saturday and it was BOMB!

    It had to be like one of the best highs ive ever had. It just had like all the good parts of being high and none of the bad parts.
    Not much cottonmouth, i could still particapate in a conversation, and i could still function well enough to UFC a kid on my friends tramp.
    But i was completely fucked like laughing up a storm, and trying to light a cigarette with my Chi.
    So lets give it up for the hookah guys, cuz its a wonderful invention:hello:
  2. lol.. joke/troll?
  3. well hopefully you were smoking a hookah with weed in it cause regular hookah is just tobacco.............

  4. huh? wat you talkin bout willis!
  5. i hope you put some weed in there, i'd hate for this to turn out to be one of those kids that got lightheaded from hookah tobacco and thought they were high...
  6. yea but who actually smokes tobacco out of a hookah,thats just retarded:rolleyes:
  7. helz yea we put some mersh in first then packed on some kief.
  8. nevermind turns out lots do,just wanted to edit so i dont look like a dummy:hippie::bongin:
  9. Middle Eastern civilizations for hundreds of years.

    Edit: Am I the only one questioning the Seasoned Tokers worthiness of this?
  10. It's not retarded. It's actually quite enjoyable, and tastes great. It just doesn't get you "high"
  11. I'm feeling you on this. This guy's grammar sounds like a 12 year old's too.

  12. i bought a hookah a month or two ago. i think smoking shisha out of a hookah is great. it's fun to chill with friends and smoke shisha while watching movies.
  13. I actually got confused cause i thought this guy was talking about it

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