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Discussion in 'Grasscity Contests' started by RMJL, Sep 8, 2016.

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    I got this pic from the internet. I made the meme using an app for formatting, words my own.
  2. Damn. My margins are very OCD of me to notice....
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    Why are these posting as links?

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  4. upload_2016-9-23_16-59-20.png

    I got this pic from the internet. I made the meme using an app for formatting, words my own.
  5. I like that bong. That is a nice bong.

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  7. If I'm lucky enough to win I'll pack the biggest bong in the history of lung expansion ever known lol would replace my old leaking pipe
  8. Good luck all
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  9. Meme central
  10. original meme, first post!

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  11. original caption, found picture w/ subtitles online

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    103875-chris-tucker-facepalm-gif-Frid-GSTI.0.gif Clean-Bong.jpg Surprise-Blunt.jpg
  13. I need to make something very clear. All members are to have only one account. If you make extra accounts to add likes to your meme in the voting thread, the accounts will be banned, the likes removed...and you will possibly be disqualified from the entire contest. This is called cheating and it is unfair to everyone else who is following the rules.

    It has been brought to my attention that this has indeed happened and I am banning accounts and removing likes at this very moment. Actually, making a second account is grounds for banning your original account. That is in the Forum Guidelines.

    Very uncool. I will not out the member in public but you are fully aware of who you are.

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  14. It sucks the lows some people sink to... In many cases in life it's those kind of people that try to ruin good things like this fun give away contest for the rest of us ... you cant have any sort of honor in a system now days if there's a hole or a way to cheat it at the slightest it will be exploited by someone somehow... But I'm glad the dude got dealt with I hate cheaters! Best of luck to the rest of us!
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  15. I thought it only right that I follow up with you all on this issue. All memes entered into the contest by the member that made extra accounts to add likes to at least one of their memes have been disqualified and removed from the voting thread.

    We want to maintain the integrity of the contest and feel that was the best decision for our Blades, the forums and Grasscity as a whole.

    That being said, remember that you have through the 30th (tomorrow) to enter memes into the contest. So, if you haven't done so already, create a meme and share it per the guidelines for the contest. :) It's easy and fun to make a meme. There are plenty of meme generators out there. I'm surprised you all haven't loaded this thread up! It's a free bong!!! :D
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  16. [​IMG]
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    Naw plenty of memes! My odds are already 1/46

    Edit - wrong odds, that was assuming 138 memes not taking into account all posts arent memes
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