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  1. two opposite genre's. btw, anyone feel the listeners/ fans are incredibly similar in so many ways?

    for me, gotta be the Dub.

    please no arguing people, forget the "dubstep is shit" and the "metal is shit", we all have different tastes and I respect that

    so, why did you vote for that genre?
  2. i like both, but metal more.
  3. i prefer dubstep, not really a metal fan, i think people might like both because they both have very intense sounds though.
  4. The two aren't really comparable. This is just going to turn into another one of those Dubstep masturbation threads.
  5. you simply cannot put dubstep versus metal... that's completely different styles of music.

  6. but you can ask people's personal opinion of which one they enjoy more. There isn't any way to objectively compare music, except perhaps by albums sales or concert attendance or something. Pretty sure he's just asking for people's opinions on the matter...

    I like both. Listened to metal longer, like it more. (stuff like Dream Theater, Black Sabbath, Megadeth, Tool) Not too familiar with dubstep but some of it is great. Honestly I believe everyone can find music in every genre that they enjoy. You just have to search. It's funny when people say things like "I like everything but rap" or "I like everything but country" Without listening to every single song ever made in the genre there is no way to know that, you're judging an entire genre only based on what you've heard
  7. i think in a few ways they are comparable. dubstep and metal, especially anything considered extreme metal, represent the far end of their respective styles. dubstep is heavy, much heavier than your average electronic music.

    dubstep is better for when im smoking, metal for when im sober.
  8. I like them both but i like metal considerably more. They both have their appropriate times to be played.

    I think it's safe to say you don't like a genre when out of 50 songs come up, you only like 2. But i understand what you're saying.
  9. fuckin' love metal... damn... metal is my LIFE
  10. nahh man. respect the new metal too.

    ever heard of animals as leaders? check out the song tempting time. it's fucking EPIC. or CAFO. that song is good too.

    trust me bro :smoke:
  11. I voted metal. i like slayer, amon amarth, all shall perish, lamb of god. i havent heard much dubstep aside from deadmau5. hes sick though
  12. Next up: Apples vs Parking Breaks

    But really I'm not to into either, metal to me sounds mostly like pre pubescent teen douchebags pounding boring and uncreative power chords while singing in a voice similar to that made by prison inmates while they are being raped anally


    it is played with real instruments, while dubstep requires zero technical skill, and is pretty much just UNTZy repetitive crap that is for ecstasy casualties and annoying club chicks to get down to, and why anyone would pay real money to watch a dude play with a laptop is fucking beyond me


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