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  1. AYYY whts gudd? i guess ima apprentice toker.... i need some help building a bong. i nno how to make the bottle par and i have a bowl but i need help with the stem. i made one out of some clay i got (art clay for like schoo art shit) and i was wondering if that would work?
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  4. Um, just buy a bowl. I'm about 9 trillion percent positive that art clay isn't safe to smoke out of. Don't go home made, it's unhealthy no matter what anyone tells you. Either smoke a joint or blunt, or just buy a piece. Nothing you can make at home will last nearly as long as something you buy.
    I just got a new bowl for 10 bucks at a head shop and it works light years better than anything I ever made back in the day.
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    clay is safe but it has to go in a kiln first
  6. haha thanks juss wanted som confirmation... i got papers but always like buildin shit lol

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