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    Now I have to say Ive been sober for like two months now and I miss Mary :( but that fact made me remember that I have alot of great memories from my years of tokin up with my friends.

    That being said I figured all of us on here must have some truly epic stories about smoke sessions current or past that we'd love to share with the City :D

    So post your stories of Epic Stonerdom here on the official Best Smoke-Out Ever thread :)

    Ill start off with mine (which actually turned out to be my last for now lol)

    It was about a week (I think) before classes started at my local college so me and my 2 closest friends thought it best to end a great summer right. So we pitched in and bought an 8th of the finest no name fire we had seen all summer.

    We swing by my guy's place to pick up the dank and chill with him abit cause hes a mutal friend of all of ours :D We walk in to his place where he and his friend are already stoned watching TV off the same strain we're buyin so we know its good weed.

    All of us talk for a bit, chill on the couch, and watch some TV finally deciding to just smoke it up with him. Needless to say he had an epic two foot, double perc, diffused, PURE bong.

    We smoke the eight between the 5 of us and I can only speak for myself by saying that I had a great head high with a comfortable body high. Between my two friends one had an epic head high with a slight body high and the other a complete body high cause he passed out in the back of my camaro (later).

    So we smoke it out with my buddy decide its time to jet over to the local mall to see a movie and get somethin to munch on. We'll me and my two friends pile back into my camaro totally euphoric (at least I was happy as shit, almost a molly happy lol). We get out of the housing complex and on to the highway. I got my Aviators ( My Avatar) on, in my bitchn car, with my best buds, stoned as fuck, and doin a cool 55-60 mph with the windows down.

    I decide to turn on my Radio and throw in a CD. I put the CD in (I have like 35 mixed up) and You Will Not believe what song came on! Purple Fucking Haze by Hendrix. Now what makes this even better is that

    A)Were all Stoned
    B) Me and my best friend who is riding shotgun can both play it

    C) My friend (the one sittin shotgun) Fucking like jumps up Yells "FUCK YEAH HENDRIX" scaring the shit out of my friend in the back seat who "was" passed out. Leans all the way around his seat to face the back seat and Yells at my now awake friend (had the
    radio up all the way) "Dude its fucking Purple Haze.....And We're all Stoned!!!!" Then leans back around to sit normal.

    Next thing you know we are ALL singing to purple haze while driving over this beautiful bridge over looking a bay, windows down, stoned as fuck, bitchin camaro, Purple Fucking Haze on the radio, and cruisin chill as fuck.

    We get into the mall park it up and proceed to our local Johnny Rockets and take a seat in the far corner booth sit. We all have aviators on, We're freshly baked, and hungry as fuck. So we're chillin waitin for our waitress and I kept thinkin to myself i hope our waitress is super hot (I dont know why lol). So we're sittin there and this woman in about her 50s walks up and asks us how our day has been going and what we'd like to drink.

    Well heres how that went. I started laughing uncontrollably (I dont ever get paranoid stoned I just start laughing) my friend next too me freaks out ( I could tell by his face he was super tweaked about her knowing) My friend across from me is just staring at me. He was like a fucking zombie just staring, not saying a word.

    Obviously at this point we all know that she knew we were baked. SURPRISINGLY she laughed and asked us again. That being said I got my shit together cleared my throat and said

    "I would like a Milk Shake Ma'am *giggles*." Then I nudged my friend next to me.
    He said "Uhhh.............Ill just have.......a Coke."
    She writes it down and looks at my friend across from me "and you?"
    Friend "........................................................."
    She laughs and ask him what he would like to drink again
    He SLOWLY like fucking epic slow turns his head and looks up at her "Root Beer Float."

    She laughs and goes "Ok boys you wait right here I'll be right back" and she laughs as shes walkin away. No sooner does she leave my friend next too me says "Dude she knows we gotta leave! Theyre gonna call security I know it man." Im like dood seriously shes cool we're fine lol he looks at my friend and says the same thing. My friends says "..................................."

    So she come back with our drinks gives my friend his coke, me my malt, and sets down this HUGE fucking root beer float and walks off to let us soak in the glory. I swear to god my friend who was across from me looked down at his Float, puts both hands on the table, takes off his glasses with one hand and his jaw drops.

    He looks at the Float, then me, then the float (Jaw dropped Eyes as WIDE as possible) and says this "Holy shit this thing is FUcking HUGE......I LOVE IT!" Now granted the place is a family restaraunt and there was a family with small kids sitting behind him lol

    As we're drinking our drinks she comes back and asks us what we want. We go through the string of coverstaion as last time but with her making funny pokes at us being baked. But in the end We ordered:

    One foot long Philly Cheese Steak Sub

    Two orders of cheese fries

    One order of Loaded Fries

    A Tripple Decker BLT

    And we're we gonna split all of it. Not alot but all of it was like x3 in size lol

    So we all eat some of everything, finish up (my friend couldnt finish the float), and pay up.

    At this point our high is peaking and we go walk the mall for a bit. This is an out door mall. It was loaded with hot chicks that day which was awesome. After a bit we decided to go see a movie. We decided to see G.I. Joe. The best part of the movie was the commercials before hand because an "Above the Influence" commercial came on (we're all baked lol)

    You know, the one where the kid is jumping through all the cut outs all the way to the joint and then walks away lol

    Well me and my friends bust out laughing in a Dead Silent theater and I yell 'Weeeeeeeeeeedd!" making us laugh even more lol. We we're still high through the first 3/4s' of the movie and then started to lose our buzz towards the end. The movie sucked btw.

    When we got out we chilled for a bit, got sober, and then went and ate at a high class Sushi/Thai restaraunt where i again thought "god I hope our waitress is hot." Which THIS TIME she was a hot thick asian girl :D Giggity Giggity :ey: We spent the rest of our time chillin there talkin till about 10-11pm

    Most epic Smoke-Out Ive ever had so far in 6 years of smoking :smoking:

    Long story but I enjoyed writing it. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Please post your best Smoke Session here with Pride and Joyful memories :D
  2. Awesome, hopefully i get stoned Saturday. Btw awesome sig.
  3. Thanx dude
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    you sound almost cooler than my 10 yr old brother.
    yelling weeeeeeed out in a quiet theatre?
    wanna hop in my time machine, travel to sixth grade, and play the "yell penis louder than the person before you" game?
    cause it stopped being funny right about after that time in my life.

    also, how did you possibly manage to stay so high for so long?

    PS- aviators are for suckin dick. the large lense acts as a splooge shield for your eyes.

    Disrespect is not welcome here, dude. -JD
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    It's just called "THE PENIS GAME."


    Disrespect is not welcome here, dude. -JD
  6. Lol flamed already :p thats ok we all have different tastes

    And as for staying high for so long I guess its the fact I dont buy shwagg and I only smoked twice a month so I had a low Tolerance :D
  7. People didn't start playing the penis game until high school where I live.
  8. What the fuck? I got warned through a private message for making a JOKE about a post bashing someone?

    Sorry, I know e-sarcasm is sometimes hard to read, but I thought the intent behind my post was pretty clear. Wtf is all I have to say. :rolleyes:
  9. Wow, and now I have an "infraction" point on my User CP.
    What the fuck is this shit?
  10. This was a while back when i was like 14.

    My cousin, who at the time was 37 and living with his mom in florida came up to NY to visit our family for christmas. So it's christmas break and I had no school so me and him both loved working out back then so we worked out for a while and as we are leaving my cousin mentions that he has to drop off his friend a few cartons of cigarettes (he got them from florida so there so much cheaper) who lives like 2 towns over.

    My cousin calls up his friend, and at this time I didn't even know my cousin smoked bud and they begin talking about smoking when me and my cousin get there. So we pull up at the dudes house and go in.

    We walk in and no one is there so we look around and can't find anyone so my cousin calls up his friend and there's no answer. We waited for about 15 minutes just watching TV and talking when his friend comes in. His friend is about the same age and seems like as much as a loser as he is (living at home with his parents with no job). So they chat for a while and I'm just sitting there so my cousin asks his friend if we can smoke a little bit so his friend goes yeah no problem. So he pulls out an 1/8th and my cousin takes out around a gram (they were mad tight so it was cool).

    I'm sitting there smelling the bud (it was the best smelling bud and best looking I had ever seen in my life) and my cousin asks for any papers and his friend tells us he's out so he gives us this one-hitter and leaves us there to go do some work on the house downstairs.

    We sit down on his amazingly comfortable couch and we start to blaze out of this one hitter. I must have taken around 5 hits with my cousin taking around 10 of this bud. I was instantly the highest I have ever been in my life (I can't remember but I think I smoked only around 3 times before this). I remember laying on the couch and the amazing high. It felt like every part of my body that I thought of in my mind began tingling and feeling amazing.

    I turned to look at my cousins friend's dog and just started cracking up so fucking hard for probably about 5 minutes. I just looked at the dogs mouth and it was the funniest thing on earth I could not stop laughing for the life of me. So I'm laying there baked out of my mind watching some TV and I remember thinking to my self "holy shit weed is fucking great!".

    So we laid there chilling for a while and I get terrible cotton mouth so I raid some dude's fridge who I never spoke a word to in my life and my cousin got really pissed about this that his friend might get mad. So we leave and on the ride home my cousin began telling me about all the amazing experiences he had with acid and I was like dumbfounded and I really wanted to try acid from then on.

    The story does this no justice it was just so much fun and this was the time that I first really started to love smoking. The bud was fucking amazing and since it was one of my first times the effect was even stronger. That was one of my favorite smoke outs ever.
  11. Haha Great read ! The quiet friend reminds me of ME lol. Im way too stoned to write somethign long out so ill come back and share later .
  12. Man its always excellent to experience great bud with someone your close to cause it just brings you closer. Like with the stories your cousin told you about acid. A bet that was a great listen :)

    Please do man that would be great lol :D

  13. Dude, the best was one Purple Haze came on the stereo when me and my buddies were smoking Purple Haze! :smoke:

    Those anti-drug commercials are hilarious! :D But that reminds me of Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle when they're smoking in their apartment and an anti-drug commercial comes on and the kid (laughing) gets up and grabs a shotgun and the other dude (laughing) asks what he's doing and the kid replies, "I'm so high!!" and precedes to shoot himself with the shotgun. And Harold & Kumar are just cracking up at the commercial with red ass eyes. :p

    My friend, my mom, and me were just walking out the mall and walking in the parking lot towards our car and I was like out of nowhere, "I wish I was high right now." And then my friend, loud as hell, yells, "I have some weed! I was gonna roll a blunt." And we're all staring at her :eek: and start cracking up.

    The part where your friend was paranoid since the waitress knew reminded me of one of my favorite public highs. When my brother, my friend, and I went to a convenience store at like 2am, with red ass eyes, for some munchie supplies. I'm pretty sure the employees all knew we were blazed as hell as soon as we came in. My friend and I were at the slushie machine and it was blinking red and I was confused at first and then, the one employee joked that I broke it and it was gonna blow up now and I laughed knowing they were kidding, but my friend thought he was serious and yelled, "Amy! Get away! It's gonna blow up!" And she's pulling me away the entire time. The employees definitely knew if they didn't before. :p
  14. Nice on the Haze lol Yeah the H&K thing is kind what made me laugh so hard during the commercial. Howd ur mom react to ur friend yellin about the blunt :p
  15. Haha Epic ass story especially "purple haze" perfect timing. And I know you have a low tolerance but damn how does your high peak AFTER eating? :eek:
  16. I dunno man it was like my #2 high in my all time top 10 lol

    but I have to say it was seriously my best session in 5 1/2 years of smoking. It wasnt the highest ive been but it was the most fun and one of the longer lasting.
  17. I don't think I have ever been high when seeing one of those commercials on the tv, though. They're just funny anytime. :)

    Oh, my mom is cool with weed. She smokes with me every once in awhile. She usually teases me when I come down for munchies, calling me a stoner, and such. :D

    Dude, that just happened to me for the first time the other day. I was smoking some home grown that my bro's friend had brought over. We were watching the football game and eating and after a while, my brother says, "I just realized that we're all high still!" :p Got us feeling the weed all over again. It was awesome.
  18. Thats cool with ur mom :D mine are legit they wont punish me for smokin but they said I cant so long as I live with them. I think Im just gonna be SUPER careful if I do start smokin again. :D
  19. i got smoke out by three friends all with twenties. we smoked all of it.
    then watched some fireworks

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