Official appreciation Thread

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Yoda, May 24, 2010.

  1. Just wanted to say thanks to sj, rummy and the moderating team.
    I for one appreciate all the time and effort you all put into making GC a great place.

    GC rocks and so do all you folks...:hello::D
  2. Oh yeah? Well I appreciate them more! Top that! :laughing:
  3. Great idea budslinger.

    moderating is a thankless job most always and there is always people upset.

    The moderators here go mostly unnoticed, which is the sign of a job well done.


  4. hahaha!

    I appreciate them more x's infinity!!! :p

    SJ, RMJL, and all of the moderating blades and bladies ROCK :metal: Thanks for all that you do to make GC such a wonderful place :gc_rocks:
  5. I agree!!!!


  6. Your appreciation is a mere shadow compared to mine!
  7. This is why I posted it... as a designer i never hear a word unless somthing is wrong..
    Very thankless and i know that have taken loads of crap lately...

    So.... all you guys....This BUDS for you;):smoke:..
  8. I definitely appreciate what the mods do. Keep up the good work and stay burnin'! :smoking:
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    Well thanks for your input...
    now please exit stage right ...:D:wave:
  10. I for one thank all the mods who have kept me from getting myself banned.:D:wave:

    You guys Rock :metal:

    That dude^^^ should be banned. :D

    "I'm not sayin I'm just sayin"

    "Palin for Pres 2012" :hello:

    Just kidding:p

    Sorry really high offff my wake and bake :smoke:
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    Thanks, Blades! We appreciate it. :D You guys ROCK, too! :metal:

    The members that contribute to the City in a positive manner help make the City a very cool community. I think we ALL work together pretty well to make our home here better and better every day. :D
  12. I have to agree. This site is moderated very well. Let's keep it clean!!!:yay:
  13. Hey hows your car? :wave:
  14. LOL! :p Better than ever, dude. :D
  15. :wave: Groovy thread Yoda :D :hello:
  16. Thank You for the invite :D....OMG..i'm baked and its 4:20 :eek:
  17. Suck ups. :rolleyes:

    Just kidding! :p
    Like Rummy said, you guys all rock, too. It's a team effort, really. ;)
    We appreciate the appreciation and appreciate you back! :D
  18. rotflmao... ha ha ....suck
    yeah i suppose i have been accussed of this....:p...but really i just wanted to get some positive vibes here... in general feedback its always about whats wrong and not about whats right...ya know;)....:p:D

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