Official 420 Thread!

Discussion in 'General' started by bongbabe420, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. Post some stories that happened to you on 4/20...or just anythng 420 related....anyways, keep :bongin:
  2. Me too! :eek:
  3. I got high on 4/20 too. It's a fucking conspiracy.
  4. hey your one post away from 420
  5. This is my 420th post! :smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke:
  6. The past is a little hazy but I believe I went to a metal show and saw After the Burial.
  7. Hell yeahhhhhh :hello:
  8. What's the significance of 4/20 anyway? Besides it being Hitler's birthday...

    I never understood the craze.
  9. Hitler was a great man.
  10. Supposedly it was the time that some kids got high every day. How it became so popular I dont know
  11. You smoke till you can't smoke anymore! :wave:
  12. Exactly :smoke:

  13. But why 4/20? What do the numbers mean? Were they just chosen randomly?
  14. It was the police code for a weed bust :smoking:

  15. Are you sure?

    This site says:

  16. Some kids somewhere decided that they were gonna meet up near some statue everyday at 4:20 and smoke.

    Then some how it became what it is now.
  17. So basically the time was chosen at random
  18. No, i'm not.
    I've heard lots of shit.:smoke:

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