Office of the Director of National Intelligence?

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by SmokeEater, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. HIGHTIMES.COM > Nation's Top Spy May Target Pot Growers

    Sure they have a legitimate excuse for pulling this one, who could argue that these guerilla growers don't harm the environment and wandering people.
    If you made it legal to grow and posses, there would be no market for the cartels and soon (foreign) production would stop. Then there would be no threat to people OR the environment. Just a shitload of happy people...
    Just more tax payers dollars spent to open and support another useless agency.

    That word...intelligence...what does the government think it means?
  2. Yeah, it's rather ironic that the so called "intelligence", is actually completely moronic.

    edit: Just realised that rhymed...might put that in a rap.
  3. Right now as it stands, Marijuana is illegal, it needs to be legal.

    BUT: I want to be able to use parks land. These cartels are killing people and putting grenades/mines on American land.

    Grow indoors, grow outdoors at home. Setup a gorilla grow but understand it could be busted or robbed. Protecting it on national land? Not your right.. .some of us do want our parks and trail systems back from these piece of shit criminals.

    Legalize it already and spend money elsewhere - But this is sensible it wont happen, in the mean time i'm glad they are at least doing something against what IS a huge issue.

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