Offical We Love DirtyBongWater Thread.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by AimedForDeath, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. I love you DBW! :D And to your hubby, you are a cool man, even though I haven't met you! You are a lucky man though! Who else here loves DBW!

    ...DBW is my lover :mad:

  2. Im a big fan. When I signed up she was nothing but nice- with wide open arms. Very very very cool sweet girl.


    :yay: :yay: off to smoke a bowl in your name :smoke:
  3. DBW is cool, but could never beat me at guitar hero.

  4. I got plenty of DANK stashed away to smoke up DBW one day! I think we all here at the city love DBW, not many people come that nice..... guess more and more everyday here at the city though!!
  5. I remmber a VERY similar thread from a while ago, I posted there, I'll post again, DBW is one of the nicest, smartest (at least weed wise, haha) people I've encountered, not only on the forums, but in my daily walk to walk. She's great.

    Toke on, my friends (especially you, Amy!) :D
  6. DBW is the shit. Im hoping I can drive out to her place this summer but her and her husband are welcome to come to my place in Minnesota too.

    I am going to smoke this bowl for Amy.:bongin::smoke:
  7. Wasn't planning on smoking a bowl tonight.. but now i gotta smoke one for you Amy!

  8. Haven't been here for too long, but I must say I've always liked reading DBW's posts. Seems like an awesome woman. :wave:

  9. Same here, I just got the information earlier yesterday about August. I'm down for it !

  10. Love me some DBW, I am so thrilled when she talks on one of my threads. I mean she is like part of the city. To sum it up the city would NOT be the same if we did not have the DBW. Never met you all either but would jump at the chance. Thanks for being you. JOE>
  11. Lexus_Rolla, :cool: You and FrostedStrowger are the yen to my yang. That is no lies. Balance is important even if people see it as negative. Being rational isn't being negative.

    You are all so sweet and wonderful. I would lie if I said I didn't appreciate comments like this. Thank You all so kindly. I'm blushing now. I <3 AFD.

    Yes we are still planning the stoners bash in August. I met fievelbud yesterday and he is cool as shit. I so can't wait to meet more of you blades. You are all awesome.

    Thanks go SuperJoint for making the site and bringing us together. I love the members of GC much much! :love: :love:
  12. HA! So you dont deny that i would win? ;)
  13. haha d00d I would do my best but there is NO way I can beat you. Unless we were grading on who puts on a better show. I am ELECTRIFYING!

    lmfao (joking...I'm sure I'd give many a good laugh.) :D
  14. LOL. See this is why everyone loves you DBW! And I'm totally up for the stoner bash! Like I said I'll send a couple Z's down there and take a plane. I'd love to meet you and your hubby. Don't be surprised if your hubby goes missing though, I'm going to hire a hit man to get rid of him, someone like.... KeepSmokinReefa. He seems like a good guy for the job. Just joking, but in all fairness, I would like to come down and join in the August Stoner Bash!!!


    I <3 DBW!!! ;)
  15. "Stoner bash" you say????? Sounds like a ball, toke one for me friends, have a good tyme and remeber the blades who could not make it. JOE>:D
  16. haha In that case AFD, KSR is out! No stealing and/ disposing of my man. :laughing: He's out of town so often I can't even say if he'll be home or not. The only thing I do know is that there is going to be a ton of marijuana consumed. Let's keep the weed transportation talk on the down low. :) I don't think anyone would need to bring anything as they can get it when they get here. I don't really care what people do but I don't think it wise to openly discuss that portion of the Bash.

    Joe you got it!
  17. DBW... check yo pm's
  18. hahaha wow just seeing this thread made me go awww DBW shes soo funny and instantly made me laugh haha, AFD is totally right when he says your THE city haha it just wouldnt be same, u have never ONCE been mean in any way toward me or any other respectable person on the forum u are AMAZING! lol

    And smoke an L at whatever the hell the stoner bash is haha for me lol

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