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Offf Tv

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Jul 25, 2003.

  1. I very seldom watch TV but I have found a new station on the cable system that has me wacthing more TV then in years. Its called the Game Show Network, all its programming consists of current and past game shows. But after watching a couple of shows here for a few weeks I have decided that the channel is geared to stoners. Yes, I believe that when the network executives came up with the Game Show Network they decided to make a channel that would target stoners, particularly OFFFs. Case in point, the best game show of all time is:

    Let's Make a Deal. In LMAD, all you had to do was dress up and act crazy to be picked as a contestant. Then if you were picked to play, all you pretty much had to do was to choose one of three curtains and you win the prize behind it. Now there was always one really great prize, one OK prize and one shitty prize. But the shitty prize is usually something a OFFFer would want like a 15' tall rocking chair or a herd of pilive pigs in a plastic piggy bank, or a donkey with a plastic flowered hat on. Hell, I think those prizes are cool.

    Now there is another show that's currently in production and shown on GSN called "Lingo". Its not just letters but Lingo. They pick some of the most craziest stoned out contestants every to be on this show. And the rules to Lingo, heck I don't know, they have so many rules it seems that they make up rules at every turn of the game. Last night they had a women who I think just got out of a mental hopsital, She was freaking hilarious but completly deranged, making up words and letters.

    But the final proof is in an oldie but goodie game show called "Match Game PM" There is at least one drug or marijuana joke every episode of this show. Last night they had a contestant named Larry Strange from Bardstown, Kentucky on the air. Larry told Gene Raburn the host that when he went to college he wanted to be a pharmicist so he could open a pharmacy called "Strange Drugs" I just about pissed my pants when he cracked that one. Last week Charlene Tilton, (can you guess what show she starred in and what was her character?) was asked a question about what the Lone Ranger needed to get into Tonto's new restaurant. The funny answer was "reservations" Charlene's answer was "a bong" you know a peace pipe she explained.

    Another episode of MGPM had the final match of "xxxxx your own" and the contetsant had to guess what matched the audiences most common answer for xxxxxx. The audience answer for "xxxxx your own" was to "grow your own" Now I could go on and on about all the pot jokes on the Match Game PM, but go see for yourself. If you don't hear one MJ or hard drug joke each episode, it will be a first for me. And for you YFFF's that don't understand what I'm talking about, remember this one Phish will be played on the golden oldie station....

    Peace Out!!

  2. Hell yea I forgot about the Newlywed especially the really old ones.
  3. One of my faves was "The Gong Show".

    Sounds pretty cool, I'll hafta check that one out!!

  4. Hehe...
    I saw an interview with him where they asked if any of that was true...
    He said "It's not important whether or not it really happened all that matters is..."
    And I can't remember the rest of the quote...
    It was really cool though...
  5. hey, coo, i am going to watch adaptation tomorrow with my mom! hopefully i will be toasted because my weed will hopefully be in my posession by then.

    my sis and i were watching the game show network once and i think it was the show with charles nelson riley where we saw a woman that looked exactly the way my mom would have looked in 1979. it was so fucking bizarre, especially since we had just smoked 4 bowls...we asked my mom later if it was her, but she denied that she had ever been on a game show, tho she tried to get on the price is right once, but they don't film on Easter, so she was out of luck.
  6. I'm flippin' it on now to check it out. :) Okay, Russian Roulette is on for another 7 minutes here in Indy, and then it's time for Friend or Foe? I've not watched either of them, so I guess I'll check some of it out.
  7. NO FUCKING WAY, last year i used to watch this channel 4/3-5(4 hours a day, 3-5 days a week) and seriujosly , it rox, some shows i hate (the pyramid one) but some noes i love like the fuzzy wuzzy or whatever, (havent wathced for maybe 2-3 mos) that little weasel dude, where u first answer questions, then if the weasel dude pops up as ur getting prizes, boom, u lose it all, cant remember wtf its called

    btw im not an offf

  8. Press your Luck, and its called a Whammy.

    I watched Chuck Woolery's Naturally Stoned show the other night, pretty funny show

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