Off Probation Today

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Grova, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. So i was supposed to finish my probation on Feb 28th but due to snow it was closed and rescheduled to the 9th which is today.

    Didnt know what i was thinking and popped 1 hydrocodone on Sat and 2 today.

    Got in there for my piss test and failed.

    But its all good.
    She said since i passed all my other ones that she trusts i am responsible enough.


    So much goodies still left for the rest of today.

    Man it feels good to be off probation.
  2. Congrats!
  3. Welcome to the freedom of not worrying about UA's i remember when i was on randoms...Worst feeling ever when your color comes up and you know your HOT!
  4. Thanks Brotha!

    Oh i know it.
    Its good to be fried.......again :D
  5. congrats i got off like 9 months ago and the feeling of being free still feels just as good as the first day.
  6. Oh i dont doubt it.

    It worked out pretty nice today.
    As soon as i got off work my buddy told me to come over to his car to show me something.
    Turns out he had an O and i ended up breaking off with a half!

    Im set for the night. :smoking:
  7. Damn you got some good friends,

    and that's really cool the lady let you pass

    :smoking::yay::bongin:now you can party:bongin::yay::smoking:
  8. Yea, only cause he still owes me a bunch from the summer.
    But its normal, we always are smoking each other up.

    And im pretty surprised.
    Cause even my first DT i smoked a blunt 3 days before and just barely passed.

    Only 1 line out of 2 was bold but she said she would let it slide.
    She's a pretty nice lady.

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