Off a break, got a job and celebrating.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by DankSpank, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. So I got a job now so It was the end of my dreaded break, I went with a friend to a park, he doesn't smoke much, maybe 4 times total, and really didn't get too high ever. So I smoked him real good and killed a gram, we listened to mars volta and he was TRIPPING THE FUCK OUT. He kept telling me how he though the music transformed the car into a fucking circle with a square behind it or some shit (the wheel and the front ) and then he started dancing around inside the car to the beat of the music, at this point the only word that I could use to describe his behaviour was JUNGLEFUCK. he was junglefucked alright.

    It was a chill night, I thought it was special since I probably took my friend to a place where he didn't even know existed hahaha.
  2. lol thats funny..i like gettin into music as well..but not all over the place
  3. lol i would love to see that
  4. hahah junglefucked
  5. junglefucked is the funniest word ive seen in a while lol. but yea i like getting into my music but prolly not like him tho lol

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