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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by a-hole, May 4, 2003.

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  1. Do you swallow or spit?

    Guys and girls alike should answer this question..

    Girls do you swallow or not when with a guy or girl?

    Guys do you swallow the honey dew or what? for thoes who do not know, honey dew is the name for female secretions.
  2. i spit......... i am NOT swallowing jizz, sickening!
  3. Hahaha what a question!!!
  4. honestly.... no offense girls.... but i do my job down there well..... and if im commin up with my face looking like a glazed dough nut...... you betta be swallowin....

    Though i\'ve been with some girls who think its degrading and nasty..... I can understand where there commin from (no pun intended) so i actually wouldn\'t mention anything, just more or less expect it...
  5. I usually spit....I mean, do you really know how gross some of you guys can taste? And don\'t even say that we don\'t taste like some kind of chocolate either, b/c you don\'t have to go down on us....fingers work too.
  6. i could care less if a chick swalloed my man chowder.. actually i think it would kinda freak me out..

    ive been eating out a girl and she basicly had a gusher in my mouth once.. it was kinda...........weird, but i didnt swallow it :)
  7. mmmm honey pot

  8. thats the funniest damn thing ive read/heard all day!


  9. only the truth..... or at least i think it is.... would never actually say that to a girl...lol...
  10. I usually move right before the guy comes and I\'ve swallowed a little before-it is kinda gross. I haven\'t been with a girl(yet) but I think I would ya know..........hehe
  11. Uh........

    ::::debating on whether or not to answer::::


    It\'s really not gross at all...besides, wouldn\'t you rather swallow while it\'s coming then hang out with it chilling it your mouth until it\'s an appropriate time to spit?

    As far as the honey pot...why would you spit the honey out???? That would be a waste! ;)
  12. There\'s nothing gross about it, and guys think it\'s mind blowing.Believe me, girls that do it are always at the top of the guys \"to do\" list.
  13. At last we have some honest replies.. I knew when I seen this thread that people would deny even though they do it.

    I can\'t understand why people would carry it around in their mouth for a minute or two and complain about the taste when they could swallow it and it would be gone in seconds.

    I liked what gravy said.. Glazed like a donut!! LMAO so true!
  14. It\'s not like you even have to have it in your mouth, if his d**k is in the back of your throat it goes right down
  15. I like your style ladyx. can I put u at the top of my to do list!

    hmmm my ex gf had no troubles with swallowing but my gf now cant even be near it she knows when its gunna happen and completely gets away its crazy oh well.
  16. and on a serious note ladies....... we\'re an excellent source of protien..... just remember that..... :)
  17. It\'s not so bad. Usually during the moment, it\'s kinda exciting. I don\'t have a problem with kissing my GF if she were to swallow. It\'s nice enough that she awallowed in the first place!
  18. I have to say that I swallow when it comes to my men and women..........even though I have to admit sometimes I need a chaser when it comes to swallowing the little spermies!!!!!! But in the heat of the moment, I couldn\'t imagine ruining it by spitting.........but thats just me!!!!!!!
  19. Flowerchild you are my type of woman!!!

  20. seriously.....

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