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Odyssey Kush, Blue Dream, OG Kush FL dank

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Nelra, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. Odyssey(first 2 pics): Smells like blueberry mixed with some grass cuttings and spices. Very dense and covered in hair.

    Blue Dream(pics 3 and 4): Don't remember the smell lol the gram I got went into a blunt and got 6 people stoned. Trichome city.

    OG Kush(last pic): Smells like some lemons lol. Very narcotic high as usual... I find myself staring too long at nothing pondering life. The picture is poor but it's definitely on par with the others.


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  2. i can tell you that is for sure blu d trust me lol, hows the smell? looks dank im smoken some rite now myself I like to stay smoken on blu d on the regular its my fav everyday strain
  3. I honestly don't even know how to describe the blue d smell lol. Very unique. Smoked another blunt of it last night playing some poker and I started drifting into a 3d perspective every now and then, very dreamy shit.
  4. It's a fine strain indeed <<< But all those buds look fire, and I would smoke any of that shit on any day that ends with Y.
  5. Theee Real BLue d I would describe the smell as a mix of the hazey goodness combined with a fresh blueberry muffin smell all masked by that smell of chronic when you know the bud is chronic just by smellin it.

    The haze genetics add the perfect smellll I have seen some "fake" Blu dreams goin around blueberry X super silver not the same at all... I need that original santa cruzz haaze with the straight haze smell mhmhmhm
  6. The odyssey looks sooo sticky. I can almost smell the blue dream. The og just makes me envious. Beautiful buds.
  7. I've picked up Odyssey before. It's excellent. My friend had a half O of Blue Death (who knows what it actually was, but it smelled like heaven; best I've ever smelled, hands down. and frosty everywhere.) over break, but I didn't sample any :(

  8. You're too kind :p

    About to smoke the odyssey in anticipation of this superbowl... smoke report to follow
  9. Been smoking on a gram of blue dream all weekend..amongst some other stuff.

    Was still just a little premature. Very :yummy: and stoney none the less.

    Patiently waiting.
  10. Took another pic of the odyssey to highlight how frosty it is for such dense bud. It wreaks

    Tastes almost like scotch... mixed with weeed. I'm high/10

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