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  1. Ok, so im a few weeks into a new grow and my room is starting to smell...i love the smell...but i dont think the cops would..so i need to solve this problem

    consumer reports says that all the ionizers except a couple pretty much suck, and are probably causing you health problems..

    the one it suggests is the Friedrich C-90A which retails for about 450 dollars

    the second top pick for CR is the Whirlpool 45030 retailing for about 250

    these are both high priced and not necessarily meant for odor removal

    i have searched the forums and found alot about Ozium and Activated Carbon but from what ive read about the carbon, people use them in ducts attached to grow boxes

    in my situation i have a large walk-in closet as my grow room so the duct idea wont work

    does anyone have a solution ?

    thanks in advance
  2. cant tell you with first hand experience, but i heard one person say a box of kitty litter absorbs a grip of smell.
  3. could burn some incense to help mask the smell? also i heard a plate of vinegar will cover the smell, never tried this myself though so i cant say if it would work or not.
  4. well i think we all know that trying to mask the smell of weed is pretty much hopeless..you just end up with some lilac weed medley or somethin...

    kitty litter prolly does absorb some smell but that kinda of a small time solution for a big time smell...but i might try it if all else fails

    does anyone know if i hook a can fan up to a can filter and just let it run in the room will it do well with the odors?
  5. Filtering the air within the closet could work. Activated charcoal probably is your best bet.
  6. I heard if you tie activated carbon in pantyhouse and hang them all thru your grow room it sucks up the smell and I know your asking where could I get some activated carbon its easy just go to any petstore or aquarium and ask or look for it I thinks its like 8.99 for 12 oz

  7. Glad to hear I am not the only one reading Consumer Reports. I read that article and was amazed by it. I personally use an Ozone filter. I am aware that it is quite potentially harmful to your health but, I don't use it continuously and I have it in a closet that is a good size. I also have not noticed any health concerns and ozone does dissipate rapidly in a large room. I would recommend that as well as a Carbon Filter because it works very well.

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