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  1. i was wondering what people do about odors. what scrubbers are recommended for a 6 in inline. everytime i look at reviews some are good and others are horrible. has anyone used ona gel. not really sure how to use ona gel or what kind is recommended. also i bought a se fan speed adjuster and it broke in 3 months does anyone know if that was a fluke or is it a piece of crap. just looking for some one with a little expierence to point medown the right path.
  2. i used ona like i was being sponsored by the company. it does help but it doesnt solve the problem. i would believe that with small grows, it could get you by. i used the ona bucket tek along with the timed misters, but after my experience im going to kick down the extra money and go with a good filter with exhaust. from what ive seen, phat filters are worth the money. but depending on size of grow and stain you may get by with the ona. in the long run id say to spend a few extra bux on an exhaust system, a good one. dont skimp
  3. ya i have a 6 in 408 cm exhaust fan by i think hydro farm. i just need to get a scrubber. just wasnt sure of what one. i got 3 berry ryders and 3 ko cream of the crop. they r autos first time ever with autos and that strain. hopefully get a scrubber. i appreciate the help.
  4. in my opinion nothing beats a carbon filter. your almost certainly better of just getting one to fit your fan and no more smell worries. mind you if your temperature or humidity gets too high they stop working
  5. Depends on how big your room is... A 4 or 6 in fan/filter combo will easily create negative pressure in a grow tent and eliminate ALL smells.

    As far as brand of carbon filters... Can or Phresh work great.
  6. Get a fan around at least half the power as your exhaust. Use it to get air coming into your room. Get a quality filter and exhaust the freshly cleaned air out from the room. Phresh filter recommended. Good luck
  7. ty guys imma go get a phresh 6x24. i appreciate the recommendations.

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