odor control with Negative ions

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  1. Odor control

    I now there mixed reviews about Sharper Image air purifiers. The smell is getting out of control. I have no fresh air intake (inside the apt) except for opening the sliding glass door. Right now thats not a good Idea for me.

    I live on the bottom floor with no attic access the crawl space is below 3" if jipcreat, I dont think they would like me drilling holes in the floor for fresh air?

    I looked at S.I. and found 2 fan driven purifiers with neg-ion features pictured below.

    #1: Deluxe Spire Feel-Good Fan with Negative-Ion Feature

    The store is only 10 minutes away. I hate going Down town.

    I know I have to do something about the fresh air intake. I'm working on that.

    I built a 9"x16"x1" carbon filter To small I guess, only 1 lb. of activated carbon the room is 3'x3'x7'.guess I'll try to build a bigger and thicker one.

    I read here to use 4 to 9 lb. of carbon. Pretty big filter.

    Some input on the 2 fans good or bad, and the carbon filter would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. This is the other fan.

    #2:Natural Breeze Fan with Negative-Ion Feature and Temperature Sensor with Remote Control

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