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  1. I have 3 bubblicious plants not in flower but 39 days old. i started to have a lil odor problem where u can just notice the smell. i have 2 tru air filters in the cab but they don't seem to help? i think they need to be outside the cab because i think it vents to fast for it to clean the air? anyways i went out to get soemthign else to mask the smell and came across the new febreze "noticable" plug in. it comes with 2 sented oils in each refill and also comees with one. well pugged it in and wow! smells great and masked the odor so far!! it also changes the scent every so often to the other oil so it always smells like 2 diff scents so u don't get used to same smell try one sometime for 7 bux plus 5 for a refil! on low it lasts a month also.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I was a bit leary about the scented oils as I have heard of scented oils making their way into the finished product.. Basically being able to taste the oils used for the air in the buds.

    Anyone else hear about this?? I'd love to have my space smell nice, and fresah, but I'd hate to have some scented oil tasting buds LOL.
  3. i cant say 4 sure if oils would get in your bud, but personally i believe it would.
    ive smoked some mex. rag weed that tasted perfummy,like a fabric softener sheet would taste if you sucked on it...;)
  4. its not in the gro cab in the closet but just in the room my gro is in. i don't think it would get onto the bud really? i mean i used insence last year in the room an had no problems with taste? i will let u guys kno. but so far it masks the smell. i wouldn't put it in the cab with the plants tho . oh and chicken the taste u probably tasted on the mex rag weed was prolly what they used to bring it into the country with not scented oils used during growing to mask the smell.
  5. Trust me, those plugin things arent going to work for too long... I would go ahead and build a carbon filter or go for an ozone generator. I would suggest doing the filter because its cheaper, safer, and it works.
  6. no ozone or carbon filter here. i am cheap and i already spent a couple hundred on my cab and light and so forth. if i get a filter i would need a better exhaust fan as mine is just a reg house fan not a vortex or anything like that. i have had 3 successful gros already. one under the 250. i on my 4th now and my 1st real strain bubblicious. i only have 3 plants from seed always and usually get 1 female. so i don't need a 100 dollar scrubbers and fans and and stuff for 1 or 2 plants. i just crack a window and use what i got and so far its not a problem with the smell
  7. hey man, just wanna mention you can build yourself a great carbon filter for pretty cheap...

    $15 activated carbon sheets @ local fish store, HD, Lowes.

    $10 a sheet of wire mesh that you can roll into a tube... wrap the carbon sheet around the tube. put a comp fan blowing into the tube, and cap the other end. if that doesn't make sense, im sure they'res better directions around here, or when im not so high.. hehe
  8. thanks i have seen threads on them on overgrow and icmag. if my smell becomes to much for me i will keep it in mind.
  9. From a technical/biological perspective ozone generators are evil for your plants and so are just about all sold products which produce smell to hide smell.

    Both will introduce a unnatural atmosphere for your plants. Literally.

    Ozone is supposed to be up way high in the atmosphere. If you have a small room and a 'good' ozone generator you can create a LVL2 smog alert right in your room. I'm a techie, i'm certain laserprinters have exactly the same 'problem'. Ozone is a big cause of smog in cities.

    Smell generators like the ones you use in your toilet all produce aromatic carnbonhydrates. Large molecules which can get lodged quite easily because the surface of a leave is anything but flat on such small scales. This really really increases the risks of bad things happening to the person the smokes it. Think pesticides bad!

    And I havent even started about chemical reactions or electro(static) potentials. (or entropy for that matter)

    So the second best thing to do is use carbon filters I guess.

    The best thing you can do (according to me) is ventilate your room, dilute the smell and pump it our of your house into the atmosphere.

    I use this :


    And now you know why I smoke in my room with my grow box without problems...:cool:
  10. lol pretty cool but i will stick to what i got haha . so far so good here.
  11. take you some pantyhose, each leg will make 3 ''socks'' fill these up with freshstep, kitty litter, the odor killing type of kitty litter.

    hang these from the roof of your box,,, and itll help a little,,,,

    come on man, i know why that mex. ragweed tasted like that, of course its something they shipped it in....:eek:
  12. i like it!! the only problem i see... is me standing in line at fred meyer buying pantyhose... lol
  13. I used to do the same thing, except I just bought activated carbon by the pound and filled 'em up with that. Whenever my ex got a run in her pantyhose, they got donated to "the cause".

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