Ode To Roach (a poem)

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  1. Ode to roach,
    for they are scholars unsentient.

    Ode to their fathers, creators just human,
    for every day their creations must give.

    We forge our sons from card and hard labor,
    and they learn from our losses that, -these scholars-
    must be greater.

    Stiff and yellow these children will strive,
    loyal and brave in the worst of times.

    Ode to the fallen,
    that were left behind,
    with remnant memories,
    of green spirits, green minds.

    Ode to the babies,
    that were never born
    in these glass generations,
    that attempt to adorn.

    Ode to loves lost;
    the music that will never
    be written,
    nor heard.

    The art that could have been
    shared and given.
    Creation lost in the
    masses of precision.

    Ode to roach.
    Ode to our savior.
    What little you do,
    you do for the greater.

    Times of great need
    will be eased by the knowledge,
    holy spirit bound within thee.

    Ode to their fathers,
    persistent and willed.
    Who know the importance,
    that these roaches fulfill.

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  2. Great work man, that's a powerful piece. I just sat here and thought about that for a good fifteen minutes.
  3. Haha thanks a lot. If you enjoy reading poetry then here's another one i wrote yesterday:

    The packages lay unopened;
    experience lost in the eye of the masses
    of precision and growth;
    struck by fear, they follow.
    Provided by experts, planners.
    They consume until stable.
    Then un-netted in shallow waters,
    they will be found by a wanderer;
    not clement in mind, he is a scholar.
    He is I. I am sovereign in my regard.
    And they will lay disemboweled
    in the fortunes they so boldly dwelled in.
    The same fortunes consigned to oblivion.
    The masses direct blunder.
    Fiasco I no longer welcome.
    My merit is now,
    this is my delirium.
    In this moment I travel,
    unknowing of reality,
    but in this ultra of me.
    I bring with me my ledger,
    and to it I carve
    for all comrade savants,
    this moment is real.
    The pain I felt is gone.
    When I return, so shall it.
    And so shall I return once more,
    to the line on the ship:
    Lost at sea I will become,
    induced by fear I will retreat,
    and I will once more pass,
    into the ultra.
  4. good work man.

    you're talented with the words.
  5. damn i dont know what ode means so it fucks it all up for me :(
  6. Thanks for the kind words.

    And Kooz, get a dictionary haha.:rolleyes:

    Here's another one i wrote. Looks so simple, yet so so complex:

    When The Grey Man Sings

    Fingers crimp around beret,
    wall of darkness; tenant's pray,
    eyes grow deep without defray,
    tears of gold now tears of gray.

    and here's an abstract i did when i was completely fucking blazed. I tried to write a poem that made sense but this is all that i could manage to put out..:

    Stone. Its ok. Chimes LP like give,
    like him, so i'll teach him,
    and i'll let him live.
    Aspects: Emily tomorrow then; Middle junior do it.
    Then for a little bit,
    then, and he wasn't high today.
    Ate applet ok, and we puff away.
    Yo! Won't be done babysitting.
    So amazing, the last minute to hanging,
    with you guys instead.
    Brain head, stolen from dance villain.
    Might be lyin', like him.
    Poetry. Danger lane Brian.
    We put out the lessons.
    Like give. Help the kids.
    Like this orphan man.
  7. those are pretty good man, you enter them in a contest or something
  8. I don't know of any poetry contests.. But thanks for the compliments.

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