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  1. Thanks for checking this out :wave:
    I am currently on my 4th grow, but the first 3 were flukes due to people i know etc. This time everything has run smoothly(ish) since im doing it alone.

    I started out with 3 plants.
    one got eaten by my cat so i put up netting, will never make that mistake again.
    the other was a male so off with his head.
    now im left with one lovely lady who has always been the strongest plant of the three so much more that i really expected her to be the male in the group.

    Anyway, my room is in the basement on a table thats been used for gardening for years, this is the first year its been used for this project. Its in the back corner. I have a fluorescent light hanging above and a power full stand up CFL lighting up its middle region, ill take pics for better understanding. The basements unfinished so theres plenty of critters, but pests have never been a problem through the entire grow, i have organic pesticide with neem oil and a chrysanthemum extract just incase.

    My problem is that as of today i noticed that almost ALL of the fan leaves have a sort of lighter/lime green splotchyness to them. I did some research and i kind of think that its this Tobacco Mosaic Virus ive been reading about. There has been one case of someone smoking a cigarette in the basement, if that can even cause it. I only have my cell phone to take pictures so i hope i can get clarity

    K here is a pic of my room

    This is one of the top fan leaves symptoms shared on other fan

    The pair down from that

    aaaand the pair down from that

    i did some photobucket editing on that last one to make the spots stand out more.

    Like i said, i think its that mosiac virus, but who knows. I am going to wait for the soil to dry a little bit and then flush the soil though ive never used nutes on this plant, its been 100% organic. I also have a dirt PH tester that im going to run after the flush.

    Any help would be amazing, i would hate for her to suffer if it can be prevented. Thank you for taking the time :wave:

    i need to get the kinks out of my growing experience for my next crop
    5 fem Thc Bomb and 5 Himalayan Kush yum :p

    while down there takin the pics i noticed that its only affecting the 9th 8th and 7th fan leaf layers
  2. Looks like it could be spider mite damage.
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    I have a magnifying glass and ive been checking for them but i dont see anything, youre supposed to look for spider webs correct? ill double check when the lights are on tomorrow.

    Thanks for reply!
    Any other theories?
  4. you want to look underneath the leaf for little spider lookin crawley things. they prefer to suck the juice from the bottom of the leaf. if untreated, they can potentially produce webs. i would spray with the neem like once a week. stop applying after week two of flowering.

    it could be tmv. all of the spots look somewhat like organized, like inbetween each vein. it may be the early signs of an iron deficency, but dont quote me on that.
  5. thank you, ill check under the leaves really good and start spraying.

    Whats a good way to balance out the iron? if that is the case?
  6. typically, iron deficiencies only happen because of problems, and not lack of. ways iron deficiencies can happen is if the soil is too clay-like, there is too much phosphorus, or if the pH is too high. your pH doesnt look off and it doesnt look like you gave them too much phosphorus. how is your soil?

    if your soil is too clay-ish a foliar spray can help. verde is made by humboldt nutrients, organic, and has a decent ammount of iron. it also has npk, magnesium, and manganese.
  7. im callin zinc def check it out it looks exactly like that .. urs looks like earlier stages so you still have time
  8. Ok, so i checked my lady when i woke up today and checked the underside of the leaves for spider mites and did not find any, But ill keep checking anyway because those are the last thing i want to deal with :/

    If theres anything i dislike about this grow its the soil i chose, It was an organic perennial mix (basically the same as any potting mix) only because im broke and it was cheap. I dont know the mix but its DECENT at best. im sure by now from watering over the past months the soil may have gotten a little clay'ish, is there a way to fix that?

    Ill check out information on zinc deficiencies msad, thank you for responding any theory is appreciated, like anyone here, im not tryin to lose ma crop! lol
  9. I definitely have some signs of a zinc deficiency or magnesium, so tomorrow when i do my soil flush ill test the PH and figure that out.

    On the other hand ive done some reading on a "Fungus Nat" though i dont really think thats the problem i had noticed some little flying bugs down there, so ill have to kill em :D

    Ill repost tomorrow after PH test, and update the situation. Thanks guys. It figures with my luck that the problem wouldnt be that easily identifiable.
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    Okie Dokie!

    PH tests are done and what they are telling me is that my PH(alkaline) level is average/normal.

    The nitrogen vial developed almost NO color, so unless i prepared the tests wrong (which i didnt, because all other vials showed color) my baby is extremely low on "N"w

    The phosphorus level is normal from what i can see

    The potash level is also a little low.

    Thanks for the answers hopefully I get it sorted.

    EDIT:: The soil is not clay'ish

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